1. McDonald's is coasting on name recognition these days. The menu keeps getting smaller, the food gets smaller and more bland, and the new ones all look like bleak office buildings.

  2. I remember McDonalds in my childhood as creepy red clowns and unhealthy food temples, but they made here in Europe a big turnaround. Still beeing unhealthy, but we like to go maybe 6-10 a year to a local McDonalds in Austria who makes a big selection of different and fresh burgers.

  3. I would be interested in comparing the quality of food here in America versus Austria, but that is not an endeavor I can afford to undertake.

  4. So how then would it be free? What kind of knucklehead answer was that to a very clear and obvious question to your comment?

  5. What part of "Wish" don't you understand?

  6. Again, how could it be free if the people giving the service aren't paid for it?

  7. Slushified flavor syrup with no water (or ice) added.

  8. "It was the man with the terrible smell!'

  9. That and Grover crawling like some kind of spider crab both haunt me.

  10. In friday the 13th 2009 they sleep in tents and are out there looking for weed, and most of the movie is jared padeleki looking for his missing sister

  11. And the highschool kids go to the cabin with the dock, and the Asian guy goes off on his own and gets killed while playing with ports equipment, and Jason finds the hockey mask and kills everyone else.

  12. Oooh right! It happens later on in the movie, after the first group of teens gets killed. That’s why I didn’t realize it was this movie. Thank you!

  13. Right? What broken bot wrote this question?

  14. When stories are old enough they are considered "Public Domain" which means anyone can use them. You could probably just google if your story is considered public domain for a quick answer and some more information.

  15. This is how this sub is going to turn unto another "unpopular" opinions sub.

  16. You are supposed to pee after sex, even if you don't have to.

  17. They’re a good match for a fight with the Predators.

  18. This seems like a great opportunity to stop giving her attention.

  19. Yeah, but I’ve felt like that about a few shows. I was obsessed with 30 Rock for a long time, watched it over and over, but then all of a sudden I was done with it. Haven’t watched an episode in years

  20. They probably think it’s fake and part of the overall conspiracy.

  21. “My friend tried to strangle me, that’s why I needed a ride home from you.”

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