1. G705 has been one of my favorite small ergos

  2. The spec is pretty dogsh*t tho especially for its price (weight especially for its size, features for said weight (heavier gaming mouse usually compensate their extra weight with more features like free spin scroll, more extra buttons, bigger battery that lasts longer, etc. This mice has none), horrendous battery life for modern gaming mouse standard, and even the sensor is only on par with G102/G203 looking at the DPI spec, and they even hiding the max IPS and acceleration spec for good measure so people won't realize that it has a very poor sensor for its price) if u concern about gaming performance (I don't care about any of that if it's just a cheap office mouse. Good shape is enough if they market it as one. But logitech marketed it as a gaming mouse and pretty expensive one to boot, that's why I care). They spend a lot of money on the LGBTUVWXYZ marketing material of Aurora Collection (which G705 is a part of) than make the actual product good.

  3. I said I liked the shape ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Just be patient, thats maxgaming support for ya.

  5. Bro this is me too. But Im still hard stuck diamond lmao.

  6. The peripherals don't make the player

  7. should take a look at the g90, it uses a newer revision am010 than the g100s.

  8. you guys should see the edited one posted earlier

  9. Just get the Katar xt or Katar elite wireless

  10. if you want an egg lamzu, look at katar elite, it forces your fingers into an aggressive claw like the lamzu does.

  11. tutorial on how to do this?

  12. the more I look at it, the more im starting to think it's not water ๐Ÿ˜ณ

  13. Xenica titan ge air

  14. both same code, c&p into visual basic

  15. shroud is availing something on his stream in 20 mins with the shroud logo on it

  16. One of my favorite shapes, although the buttons have wobble and mine do creak.

  17. Bro stabs his opponents ๐Ÿ’€

  18. do you still use this mouse?

  19. Thoughts after use over time?

  20. Take a look at the katar elite wireless that just came out.

  21. I was just about to comment this before opening the post

  22. At least they aren't making you return it or destroy it with photographic proof cough

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