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  1. I know I’m not perfect and I also hurt you, and for that I am really sorry. I know I have had a huge part in this -

  2. Oh im already there brother because im tonight’s biggest LOSER

  3. I downvoted this post for not including the image that shall not be named

  4. 45-70 is currently about $2.50/round whereas .22 is about 7 cents per round. Everything else is inbetween.

  5. We could go with “Selfish, narcissistic, clueless, Me-Generation Fucksticks”, but “boomer” is a bit more succinct.

  6. Baby boomers are so selfish and conceited that millenials are going to start being called boomers as we age into our 50's. For being gloomy and publicly embarrassing, that's the reputation your generation has left behind.

  7. I’m a bit drunk on wine and this thread was fantastic to read. That is all. Carry on.

  8. Piss flaps as in vag flaps or as in flap from uncircumsized weenies?

  9. Hahaha maybe! I am qualified for the types of jobs I interview for (both in experience and education) , I always lose out to the more experienced applicants though is what I was trying to get at.

  10. that basically sums it up

  11. I'm not a big fan of the guy tbh. His face always pops up in my suggestions and I refuse to click on or watch any of his videos. It's like youtube WANTS me to watch his videos so bad, that I refuse to watch out of pure spite. So any time I see his mouth agape on some thumbnail with some cheesy title I just scowl and scroll past. I will never click on his videos, I refuse.

  12. He got way to comfortable hitting people in the face in order to resolve conflicts when his bitch ass feelings got hurt.

  13. Hes got two banger quotes about punching people in the face.

  14. Public highschool in the suburb of one of the biggest cities in the nation, you’re gonna have your battles and IT was definitely on the uphill fight

  15. just got out that bitch he not in good spirits lol shit sucks

  16. Rv sales. No experience needed. I know a 1st year dumbass that made 300k last year with 0 experience.

  17. I live in florida. I'd be a great RVsalesman. Can you help me get into it?? I used to sell wine for a living

  18. She licked the back of my neck. I wanted to murder her.

  19. In an uber on the ride back to her place she nuzzled against my shoulder and gave me a gentle tiny little kiss on my neck that made my body temperature go ice cold and I became paralyzed. It was the perfectly placed kiss, my legs went stiff and I legit couldn't move. I froze up and she put her hand on my crotch and breathed warm air into my neck behind my ear.. it made my entire body go lava red hot and I became immediately full erect. She led me back to her apartment, gave me a xanax and used me for god knows what while I was blacked out. I woke up erect with an ache in my balls, next to her bed. She made breakfast and instructed me to leave immediately. Still can't get that crazy Latina out of my head

  20. I was at a high school party, single.. just chillin by a bonfire near a boat launch in this rich ass neighborhood. It's like 2am and I hear a boat coming into the dock area at full speed.. theres a girl with long hair on the boat and she doesn't have any idea what shes doing. She tries to reverse the boat but is coming in way too hot and the boat spins and she loses balance. I jump on the dock, jump onto the boat and rev the engine to even it out. Crisis averted. I turn to look at the crazy bitch and shes in the back seat of the boat with her titties out. I go to her and she says NOT HERE. out there! Pointing to the sea. So I oblige and take her dad's boat out to sea, she undoes my swim trunks and gives me a butter John sandwich the entire ride. We bang at sea for a good 45 mins until another boat approaches. Its the cops with lights on so I blow my load, and dive off the edge of the boat like batman. Avoided the cops by swimming as deep as I possibly could and holding my breathe in the seaweed. I surface underneath the police boat and caught my breathe while they handcuffed her. Then I heard the propellers of both boats rev and dove back to the depths. Boats left and I was never spotted so i swam back to shore with no trunks. Party lights were still on the dockside bonfire was packed with partygoers and they are all doggin me. Noise travels across water and they heard everything. I sat in a lawn chair nude, and immediately puked and blacked out. Apparently I surfaced too fast from the deep depths of the sea and fucked up my middle ear. Had the bends?

  21. still wasn’t a right comment to make lmao

  22. Exactly. The person who died might’ve been a piece of shit but I can help but think of the family and loved ones who will miss them. No mother should have to bury her child.

  23. Did you look at the memorial page? It's kinda heartbreaking from any point of view. Poor kid could have gone down any other path but chose rapper and that road led him to this sad end.

  24. The treat for working out is a chiseled jawline and hulking pectorals. Praise the sun, lift heavy, hail the emporer

  25. i just got passed my ten days today, cheers and fuck covid

  26. Do you feel better yet???? I'm on day 10 myself and almost died last night thinking I could finally clap cheeks with me girlfriend. I literally puked after and then had heart palpitations from some light upward thrusting... shes on day 12 and still isn't 100%

  27. People definetely didnt have better teeth than they do today just because they ate less sugar lol.

  28. Live in Detroit, can confirm. Had my shit stolen right out from between my cheeks twice this week.

  29. What about the older stuff? I feel like at this point he’s just making movies to hang out with his friends and get paid to do it.

  30. My gf and I just watched wedding singer for the first time and we absolutely loved it. Adam sandler if you're reading this, we are planning a deep dive into your genre. Both of us were raised in strict parental situations so have never gotten around to seeing your films. We both have covid and instead of going crazy were gonna take it easy and enjoy some laughs over the long weekend. I also remember there being some limewire songs on there from adam Sandler back in the day so were going to be giving those a listen too. Thanks for the laugh you funny. L'hiyum

  31. Bro I feel like I was meant to travel back into this subreddit. Used stims for work, and I'm thankful for them. They helped me grind away at a soul crushing job that paid really well.. saved up my money and moved to the tropics. I just quit 3 months ago. I want you to message me. I was in the same boat as you, awesome girlfriend, great job 27 years old and having trouble kicking the super drug. There are some side effects that you will want to know about, because looking back I'm sure as fuck glad I stopped after two years instead of going any further. The euphoria ended for me too, so that meant a whole time period was behind me. Shoot me a dm

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