1. Seconded, nahida and qiqi are the best !

  2. I plan to add layla to my shenhe team. Who to replace ?

  3. Anyone who uses the Oxventurers must be mad. Who'd so such a thing? :D

  4. Well, the oxventurers helped me a lot to get some favor at the start of the campaigns, and corazon's ult was really usefull to pass some bosses =).

  5. Zorbu requires some investment in terms of farming his kills to e3-4 each. Then he'll work fine.

  6. Thanks, I've known about azaka farming, but never tried it.

  7. Just got skadi while pulling for horn (and I'm still hornless), is she worth raising ?

  8. Not yet most likely, but when Lingering Echoes arrives Skadi will get a new module that gives x1.15 Attack when blocking, and its upgrades improve her talent's redeploy time reduction from -10s to -30s. Between the extra damage (her dps will be comparable to Surtr's albeit without the range/AoE) and getting a new niche as a medium redeploy she becomes much more valuable then.

  9. Thanks, that's good to know.

  10. I was half expecting to see a qiqi troll X')

  11. I would recommend the path over potp if it’s your first time going for completion. The path is more focused on enhancing enderal rather than overhauling it as you’ve probably seen. Potp I feel is good for a second playthrough though. Either are way better than say Somnium.

  12. Do you know if any of them changes difficulty/progression a lot ?

  13. The next update for Somnium -- 1.1 will be releasing soon (most likely next week), so I would suggest giving it a shot when it comes out! With it, we've improved on pretty much every aspect of the game, and added new features that make the gameplay much smoother and more immersive. The feedback from the community has honestly been so helpful in the making of this update, and we've taken every complaint into consideration. With the launch we'll also be releasing an announcement on this subreddit, so keep an eye out for it!

  14. I've looked at somnium at little but it looked clunky and the reviews weren't that engaging. But I'll keep a eye on it to see what the update changes.

  15. If you need the thumb button: Roccat Kone XP.

  16. Damn, why isn't that thumb button more popular :'( ? It's so comfy and practical.

  17. JT8-3 is my absolute favorite stage and my strat for it is wild, if you want me to tell you what I did! I'm asking in case you want to not get spoiled and/or figure it out for yourself.

  18. Well, my only E2 medic (besides kal') is gavial :D.

  19. I can't find the screenshot but from memory, my team was:

  20. That's pretty much what I did, except that I didn't remove amiya that soon, so I still had her on CD after the firestorm :s. Also, I was using FRD to help tank the storm and they weren't always ready for the phase 2 ^^'.

  21. Decided to try Realm Grinder and positvely surprised. Game seems deep with lot of content. I'm up for other recommendations of games with same ideia. Preferably with lots of content. [Edit: Grammar]

  22. The closest I know is Idle Wizard (it was on kong but I think it's on steam now).

  23. Hi guys, I need some pointers for big sad lock, and also as to which niche/fun operator I should E2 next. Yes I'm on a E2 frenzy (and also broke) :s.

  24. Thorns can actually get you killed on BSL, so not having him at E2 isn't a big problem.

  25. I mostly use la pluma to hold lane, never thought of using her for boss killing, but yeah, it could work. Still, don't you think she'll attack too fast with aspd relics ?

  26. AoE should affect the radius of the ground effect, but I'd recommend getting a spreading mechanic like Berek's Respite, Bino's Kitchen Knife, or the Pathfinder's Master Toxicist. In the case of Bino's, you could weapon swap to a different setup for higher single target damage when you need it.

  27. Well, spread always works, so that'll be my safe way if the rest fails. But getting as much stuff on the ground as possible will probably be my priority. I mean, what's the point of playing with ground effects if you can still see enemies' attacks ? X')

  28. If you go for Pathfinder with Focal Point, your mark transfers to another enemy which you could use to keep generating more ground effects without stopping to recast it on every pack.

  29. Wait, there's just one thing I'm not sure about : does the 1sec CD for ground effect is per mark, or is it a CD shared globally ? Because if it's per mark, then pathfinder looks like a nice QoL upgrade.

  30. Not in the slightest. There are already places in the world with snowing areas next to desert/beach. So it's nothing shocking. Uncommon at best.

  31. Unfolding mechanics that don't render the previous stuff useless :

  32. Kuki(ToM : EM/EM/Healing) / Childe / Sucrose / Yun Jin

  33. From my testing, EM/EM/Healing% (and as much hp%/hp/EM substats as you can get, don't need any ER or crit) + Iron Sting with Clam set is the best in any sort of Tazer setup, especially at low constellations. It's the best of both worlds, you get high reaction damage with still quite high healing and thus pretty decent clam hits, especially if there's EM share on the team and/or hydro resonance to help boost the bubble.

  34. For a C0 kuki with iron sting in an tazer team, how does the clam set compare to a TOTM EM/EM/HP ? Because I have no EM clam pieces, and it takes soooo long to farm EM pieces :s.

  35. Yelan overvape here =) ! I'm currently running yelan+yoi+raiden+qiqi (yes I prefer qiqi to diona) and was wondering, with the amount of reactions, how "good" could a full EM yelan be ? As anyone tested it or run some numbers on it ? I'm currently running a stringless and have 200EM, the rest is your usual hp% and crit.

  36. Hi guys, new player here. I started a few days ago (just now unlocked the spire).

  37. To put in simply : I want ling and horn, and i'm all out of orundum.

  38. Thank you for the details.

  39. I want to find a game where dupes are absolutely unnecessary, the fact that I have to get my fav characters multiple times to max them out to push casual content is breaking my mentality. Please, I don't even care if the rate is 0,1%, no dupes is all I ask for as a f2p

  40. Arknights. There are still dupes, but they're absolutely unecessary, unless you wanna perfect some very VERY high end stuff.

  41. Don't know why this is getting downvoted. If he wants to specifically play an overload yoimiya, then 4pc CW is probably better to maximize those overload numbers. The new set focuses more on her own auto damage.

  42. I mentionned the overload mostly to say that I don't care if I'm interrupted, nor do I have trouble with which one of my attack procs vaporize, as I don't know how much the new set is impacted by that. =)

  43. another thing you should be mindful of is that shimenawa has emblem, the new set has an extremely niche set, if you dont care about that, go ahead, but is much more likely that farming shime/emblem is a better investment of your resin

  44. Well, I could use the echoes set on multiple characters, but I have no use for the other set (unless it has uses on someone else than xiao).

  45. I know this is late, but I just tried Lisa on my team and it's strong. Noelle + Gorou + Yunjin + Lisa. I ran 200 ER on my Lisa and it felt good. I would recommend higher ER if you can swing it. 4NO, TTDS on Lisa, Gorou runs 4 exile.

  46. Thank you for the feedback !

  47. Well, I mostly like to be able to change teams without swapping characters, and I love utilizing as many characters as possible =).

  48. Currently playing two gachas, Genshin and Arknights (yes i know, both extremely different ^^), but I'm slowing down a little on those two waiting for new content.

  49. If you didn't try it yet, I'd recommand Punishing gray Raven. It pretty much fills all the requirements you listed

  50. Unfortunately, I already tried PGR, and I quickly found the gameplay too repetitive.

  51. The gameplay will be very hard to produce consistent overload + vaporize + electro charge.

  52. Thank you for the answer. For sucrose, I try not use her because she's so awesome I'd put her in all of my teams :s. And I don't have venti/kazuha :'(. For beidou Ibwas already prepare not to use her, too much energy needed.

  53. 100% sure. Yanfei is the main dps right? Kokomi jelly fish is the one who will trigger vaporize dmg so the dmg will be calculated from kokomi stat. Yanfei reverse vaporize might occur once or twice.

  54. Crap, so I'm better off with having XL (or similar pyro) and making koko my main dps, right ?

  55. Good luck for pulling her then ! Her design is really cool :p.

  56. Curious about how everyone creates their squads?

  57. My squad is fluid, I change it for each map.

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