1. I do a rolling 36 and will fast with you!

  2. Has anyone had stalled results or gotten hungry from using flavored ones?

  3. Good lord the calorie count on this weeks cookies🤣🫣😭Especially the cinnamon roll and Oreo ones which are of COURSE the ones I really want

  4. Are the calories only on their app? Do you mind looking and seeing how many are in the cinnamon roll?

  5. Awesome job! I’ve been doing ADF since January. My one negative is sleep actually. I always wake up middle of the night or horribly early, sometimes hungry sometimes not, but early mornings are tough for me to make it to 36.

  6. Would you consider eating low carb for a bit and then adding ADF back?

  7. I’ve actually been low carb for years. I did Zoe too and it was confirmed that my body does bettter! That being said, when I started ADF in January I did add more carbs and still lost weight. I workout 1-2 hours a day. The best part of ADF was on my up day not having to obsess like I’ve had to for over a decade and still got to my weight range that I’m comfortable with. So again, I lost weight doing what I’m doing now before but my body is rejecting it now almost 😭

  8. You might need to add more calories in. It sounds crazy but try eating more for a few days.

  9. I’m eating around 2500-3000 I think if I’m counting EVERYTHING with maybe one day a week that’s higher. Most days I burn between 2600-3100 (all estimates of course) that sound like too much? Little? 5’6 female 42 years old. Right now probably around 17-18% BF?

  10. Just got the cookie butter one and honey bun. Cookie Butter? STAMP. Honey bun is delicious but fine. 6-7/10

  11. The amount of lectures I get from obese alcoholic smokers is laughably high. They actually think they have a leg to stand on, but it’s about to be amputated because of their T2D.

  12. “Looks like I gotta head over to the 7/11 and get some Twix for my cookie…”🫥

  13. Maybe they’ve done it and I missed it, but I’ll continue begging for Golden Graham

  14. I planned on it but caved pretty early. I was bored from quarantine, and food was entertaining and comforting...no regrets. I wish I hadn't had an appetite like ya'll haha!

  15. I have horrible sleep on fasting nights. After an up day I sleep like a baby. I almost always wake up super early like it’s Christmas morning and I want to eat…even if I’m not done with my fast yet. It soooo frustrating. I have to take an ambien or weed gummies. I have Insomnia no matter what, but down days kill me

  16. Heal first. You can’t build anti-bodies while fasting. The COVID bloat will pass, your system is just dealing with a lot right now. Drink beet juice.

  17. What is Covid bloat? Is that a thing???

  18. I’m over it now! (Except for lingering cough) back to the gym, I think I was already in a bad place (started overeating on up days, and this compounded it. Tomorrow I commit to a down day!

  19. I thought it was fast 2 eat 5? Is that wrong?

  20. I would just eat normally, while sick. I mean what's a few days in the grand scheme of things...

  21. I did. I’m going to need to slowly get back to ADF I think. I feel so water logged and bloated😭 Today I’m aiming for 18:6 or 20:4, and then work my way back to ADF. Using this as almost a body switch up opportunity,but man do i feel like I’ve put on weight☹️

  22. I had a super sore throat so I drank a ton of tea! I'd say day 5 was when I finally started to feel better. I tested positive for a full 10 days and didn't feel 100% that whole time though. I feel you on the being stuck in a room thing! Lol it's so boring. You'll be past it soon though!

  23. Thank you 🙏🏻 I’m on day 3, hubby day 4. I don’t think I can go back to work until I’m negative so I hope I do soon. Throat hurting more today. Just made a decaf. Basement is cold so it’s nice haha.

  24. What does butter cake taste like?

  25. This happened to me over Mother’s Day. No biggie! It’s a lifestyle, not a diet. You’re doing awesome!

  26. Does anyone have any insight on City Neighbors High School? Was supposed to have a 10:30 call with them, but no one answered.

  27. I really urge you to talk to Kim Wiggins before assuming. Baltimore Design School seniors do a lot with internships, so he may have trouble transferrring in, but they may be willing to work with him. In any case, he may be interested in this group after you relocate:

  28. Thank you! It doesn’t seem she’s still with Live, but I found her on Facebook and already messaged her. Couldn’t find any other contact, so I hope to hear from her. You have been so helpful, thank you!

  29. Ichiban? Echiban? Can’t remember the spelling but it changed my life

  30. I do exactly what you are mentioning. I don't time when I stop or start my fast. Just stop eating when I'm ready and go to bed, fast the whole next day, then eat when I wake up. Usually starting with coffee with cream and stevia, plus some oatmeal since my routine is to run early in the mornings, usually around 5am-6am. I might usually stop eating around 10-11pm. I used to be a lot more strict, but I've been doing it over a year and a half now and in the end, for me, it really doesn't make a big difference.

  31. Thank you! I’m beginning to think that’s most long term sustainable for me. Has it slowed any progress?

  32. Yeah, a lot of ADFers prefer something closer to 40 hours.

  33. I wake up really early yeah.😂 I’m already at work and it’s 4:35am🥱🥱🥱🥱

  34. What does everyone use for electrolytes that doesn’t break fast?

  35. I can't give up my coffee either. On my fasting days I use a few drops of heavy cream. Just enough to make me think I'm having cream. And I do this with every cup...which is many. Then on my feasting days, I use half-n-half liberally. I've also tried coffee with lemon juice instead of dairy. It's actually not bad, but definitely a different flavor. I say do whatever helps you get through your fast.

  36. Has it stalled you or caused you to feel super hungry?

  37. You can do whatever works for you. Don't worry about rules to this.

  38. I love this thank you. I work at Orangetheory and get up at 3:45am to open. Choking down black coffee especially in the winter freezing in my car is no bueno. Have you noticed feeling any hungrier?

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