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  1. Day 2, “How the Grinch Stole my Walking Recoveries”

  2. Thanks for this comment. It helped me a lot this morning!

  3. I respectfully disagree. hold the base and pull back on the push. Your base is your foundation. The green is money in the bank. You can only get better at your pushes and AO if you have built the strong base foundation. ;-)

  4. Always something to do. Can afford a life where I can live in an urban setting. Worst….recycling every two weeks.😖

  5. It isn’t a switch workout☺️

  6. I know it’s not super clean but what saves my day is flavored coffee. The Starbucks peppermint mocha gives me life and I don’t feel hingry

  7. Soooooooo clique but “I AM the danger” it’s just too perfect.

  8. We have tried to pull back on the multiple wipes since the pandemic but members are always still raising their hand for extras even if we just have them one a few minutes prior. I never sadly thought about the environmental impact. I may share this with my team. Thanks!

  9. Take advantage of the inbody! It will help you see your body composition changes. You want FAT loss, instead of just WEIGHT loss🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🧡🧡🧡

  10. Hell yes….except my waistline will certainly increase with their elite snacks.😂

  11. Nutrition. Nutrition. Nutrition. Nutrition, and unfortunately……nutrition.

  12. The rogue coach strikes again! Our tread blocks 1 & 2 were Members Choice to do what we wanted (encouraged to add if we could for block 2) with a 90 second WR in between. My Tread Block 3 was Mrs. DC’s Tread Block 2. On Rowers, Block 1 was 200m with 8 total step out squats, repeat until time. Row Block 2 was 150m with 8 total reverse lunge with arm extensions, repeat until time.

  13. The 6:30 min floor block kicked my butt. It also kicked my butt coaching. I had an intro in my 7am and I was like good luck my dude! Here👏🏻we👏🏻go👏🏻😂🙌🏻🪦

  14. Was it the entire song or part of it? I think there’s a pre-made FitRadio mix with it in it. That came on in one of my coach’s playlists.

  15. Yeah it came on yesterday when I took class. It’s dropping into a remix

  16. Absolutely yes. It’s what sets OTF apart. It allows you to know if you’re under training OR overtraining and it allows the coach to coach you properly by seeing how your heart rate is responding. It also shows you when you have become fitter and need to increase your efforts to continue getting results.🧡

  17. Tread was TOUGH, but LOVED the solid arm workout

  18. What killed me was the 800 M row to start. If you haven’t taken yet, definitely take that as a base as instructed. Going from that straight into 8% incline was the epitome of brutality.

  19. Yep! I coached it as an extended warmup

  20. As someone whose job is to hire and train coaches for Orangetheory, I am here to tell you that that should never stand in your way! In fact the fact that you have started from a place of less wellness and have accomplished as an amazing weight loss, that will give you such insight and empathy to our members who start off without having established a workout routine and you can coach them through to their goals. It is a absolute gift that you can give the members not something that should hold you back. Absolutely go for it!

  21. Ignore poor wording….talk to text!😖😂

  22. Tomorrow is NOT a team workout.🙃

  23. Tomorrow is soooo good. Don’t miss it!

  24. I love the Aoki classes so much

  25. I always coach it that you’re reaching for your purse behind your car seat (parked of course!)😂

  26. I loooove s’mores and chocolate malt??? YES

  27. Wowzers!! Did the diet soda make you more hungry? What is diet stake?😂

  28. Sometimes the fear of being able to do something, is worse than the fear of not being able, because then we know we can do more.

  29. I have this and it’s so bad. Should I be charged to fix it??

  30. What goals are you trying to reach?

  31. I work for OTF and I’ve never heard of this! Only day we are closed is Christmas

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