1. Why is Kendrick scared of us? us kiwis perform we cry together with our families everyday! We know the words off by heart!

  2. This is exactly the reason. He’s got two shows in Auckland and the Friday show didn’t sell out, and I bet Saturday didn’t either. They’re trying to have one big show (Friday) and head home early.

  3. I was so sad he cancelled, I had floor tickets the cancelled show and the only show remaining I have seat tickets.

  4. Sorry, I can't help, but just interested in what part of Tasmania you're going to.

  5. Launceston, I’ve been there for a holiday and my nz bank account worked but I was using nz dollars so I was charged extra for everything and I’m not sure if I can just give my current bank account to them or if I need to join a bank while I’m there

  6. Real ones know the show is mid without ross

  7. I like it because though I myself am not very spiritual, the person wishing me well surely is, and a "blessed" day is the highest compliment. They don't want me to have a good day, or even a great one, they want it to be blessed. It's their own way of saying "I hope you have the best day you could possibly hope to have," and brother, that is a good feeling hearing a stranger say that.

  8. Never thought of it like that but that’s what I usually say over good and great day/night. Love this

  9. Hangover 2 was a good movie of it's genre, it delivered what was expected. People seem to hate on the writers of movies like Hangover 2 that they didn't write another Citizen Kane. It was not their job, they were hired to do a stupid comedy about drunk idiots getting fck by ladyboys in thailand and they did what they were paid for. That means that they are good writers.

  10. Hangover 2 is the best hangover movie imo

  11. Hey I went to school with him and played football together

  12. Some dude on there said Cole makes music that puts people to sleep and got ratiod by some dude saying Ur fat by like a thousand likes 😭

  13. He’s protecting his soul in the valley of silence

  14. I always got protection, I stay strapped with magnums I ain’t talking smith and Wesson 🥵🥵

  15. Im %100 sure Hibana is cheating. He was watching op while doing the "ooh Im looking at the roof" and shot him doing the "Im just gonna randomly shoot this barricade for no reason". To me it looks like Hibana has walls.

  16. Everyone does this in high ranks. You always pre fire and aim at certain spots to counter spawn peeks. In my 5 years of playing this game I’ve probably done something like this about 20 times and I’m controller. It gets to the point where it is just auto pilot when you do this every round after being spawn peeked hundreds and hundreds of times

  17. I can’t imagine anyone over the age of 14 believes fast rapping = good

  18. It depends. Without substance it’s horrible and comes off corny. With great wordplay and actual bars then it can be amazing and an amazing skill set barely any good rappers have. Tech and busta are great examples

  19. Hopefully Cole does the same but I’ve got a feeling that when he goes, he’ll GO like Tim Duncan

  20. Wouldnt his friend have more assists then

  21. With your liked artists I’d say check out denzel curry, definitely your style

  22. Amari doesn’t get the love it deserves. “Out of the concrete was a rose and winters was COOOOLLD”. Fucking gives me chills every time.

  23. Good kid is the most underrated song on the album IMO.

  24. Nah real is, besides that chorus his verses bring some vulnerability without being corny. I’ve always wondered why everyone says it’s the weakest off of the album. The outro brings more emotion out of me than even sing about me because it just feels so personal yet inspiring. Good kid did pass under my radar for a long time though I feel like I had to grow up a little bit to appreciate it now it’s one of my faves

  25. I love how instead of complaining about her car when real roles around she just shows empathy for her son and says she sees how great he is.

  26. Hope it's not Stormzy, as those concerts have been cancelled.

  27. I did it through Expedia though

  28. Can I do these on iPhone 6? Or are these exclusive to the new ones?

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