1. His next post is gonna have a pirates patch on that eye…

  2. I was gonna ask the same, assume cord management, holds stuff in place.

  3. Looks delicious and great cook!

  4. Too bad about the mold. It's important to remember that it's just a drink, not a person - though it can feel like a big loss. I feel like funny stories about kombucha loss makes this easier.

  5. I’m not sure if it’s still a thing, and I may date myself, but we had dish drying racks that were just steel wire coated with plastic. And they were big and ugly, but did the job. If these are still a thing, and to anyone who uses them, don’t be offended, they’re awesome.

  6. Looks amazing, Great job. I would have guess at least 5-10° lower.

  7. I agree, I thought it was a Superior comment.

  8. I Michigan have come up with a better response, but I just don’t Ontario one. Sorry.

  9. What about his smallest in the NHL pads? At least they look that that during a game.

  10. Late reply, but switch plugs and see if it remains so. I find mine sometimes take a bit to stabilize. I’d just adjust by 6°, or you can buy replacements. There is no reset on these AFAIK

  11. I usually roll 375-400 for chicken. And it’s an hour max. On my ceramic I do direct higher up, on the kettle it’s indirect but I spatch then half. Sometimes flip at end direct if skin not crispy.

  12. Yeah for chicken I've only done wings using the vortex and some direct heat breasts. I've not really done it indirect. I've done a spatchcock and halved chickens on my offset smoker--those were done in no time. I'll have to crank the heat next time.

  13. Any chance the thermometer is off?

  14. The team is .500 at US Thanksgiving. While not ideal, it’s far from a disastrous start to season. Lots o hockey left.

  15. Something copper I’d assume.

  16. Holland drafted Broberg over Zegras and JP over the over guys I mentioned, and too early to tell for the rest of the draft picks. Your opinion is fine, I think Hollands drafting has been bad, and I think it has to do with the Oilers scouting in general.

  17. Chia drafted JP. The only reason I remember that is because he really stumbled on the pronunciation at the draft podium.

  18. Great shot and beauty truck!

  19. Looks delicious! I’d order that at a restaurant every-time, just 1/3 of the parsley on the eggs.

  20. Oh my bad. Keep the cilantro, love it. Chimichurri vibe

  21. Are we talking add Kombucha as the brine to ferment, or add in final blend?

  22. Perfect cook, perfect slicing.

  23. Lol… haven’t seen that movie in a long time.

  24. Skittles needs a new slogan.

  25. Someone thinks they are driving a big Dodge or Ford truck.

  26. Hey ant bro’s and gal’s, put on these sneakers, drink the koolaid and meet on the leaves.

  27. I had to run that through my head like five times to get the numbers to match up with the visuals...

  28. Totally… I was waiting for a how could you see him? Bcuz… I was inverted

  29. Love it. Those fools with 2 x 200HP racing to get to the spot and you’re already there. Drinking coffee, fish in the live well, enjoying the view.

  30. And no question, someone took a bite

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