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  1. If you can kill someone by waving your hand wrong they should probably be registered.

  2. While I'd say generally that makes sense, it's also worth pointing out that in this hypothetical world the mutants, who would need to be registered, have been rounded up and attempts have been made to exterminate them.

  3. You can register people without going full nazi.

  4. Caps point was that registering people based on a hypothetical ability to do wrong is presuming guilt. And peoplewithout super powes can also do wrong. And it wouldn't necessarily fix anything either. And it has a great deal of potential for being abused.

  5. Unsurprisingly you posted the data for 2021, but somehow "missed" the data from 2022 which does include a pick up

  6. Yeah 1 truck. I’m cherry picking. So maybe you should be focusing on sedans and sports cars instead of trucks.

  7. You specifically picked the year that suits your narrative. That is by definition cherry picking, yes.

  8. You're assuming Ballmer was 100% on board with the project. He was not.

  9. Yes that is true. However, upgrading the grid is going to cost a lot of money. Not to mention we probably don't have the needed man power to do it. Trades aren't the most popular career choice these days.

  10. Having to rebuild your house and key infrastructure over and over due to natural disaster is going to cost quite a bit as well. There's a point where that ROI skews towards upgrading the grid.

  11. There’s a reason people in the south want gas - so they can still cook on the stove top and take a hot shower when the power gets knocked out during and after hurricanes

  12. Conversely the more carbon we continue to dump into the atmosphere the more likely and more severe those hurricanes become.

  13. I mean, ideally, a program to help the homeless should help provide shelter and help hook homeless people up with jobs. But the homeless will still have the same issues as the working poor which is access to affordable housing close to their work.

  14. It's not as much about cost as it is about availability. But certainly as prices rise some of the more exotic methods of extracting uranium will become more feasible. Though if that ever actually becomes the case for seawater extraction is an open question.

  15. Correct - that's why I streesed that we should view these systems as complementary. But that in any conversation about the availability of rare materials nuclear is not exempt from that conversation.

  16. Is anyone performing particularly well? Google, Apple and Microsoft definitely. Amazon to some degree (recessions tend to hit retail fairly hard). Social media platforms are always going to fluctuate a bit more as the advertisement space shrinks in a recession.

  17. It's impossible to watch a game of hockey without seeing a hundred ads for betting websites or apps, and it's driving me nuts.

  18. I can imagine how bad it can get for people with legitimate addictions

  19. Salvador Dali habite a Ste Adele?

  20. El pibito ni soltó el helado, se ve que para el es otro miercoles nomas

  21. No se gasta ni una gota de sambayon

  22. If you keep someone ignorant you can get them to do anything. Why do you think the religious groups are against any education not sanctioned by the 'church'?

  23. Not to put too fine a point on it but it was illegal for slaves to read for this reason

  24. Podes ir por la vereda (o la senda peatonal) arriba de la bici, pero lo tenes que hacer "lo más despacio posible".

  25. Pensaba lo mismo pero me dieron una multa y ne explicaron el reglamento. Puede ser puro humo, que se yo

  26. No me acuerdo donde lo había leido en su momento pero me suena que decía textual eso que te digo.

  27. Only a few times a year, and mostly in the spring.

  28. My wife doesn't like condiments so that's a bit of a challenge for me. But I make great sandwiches for people who like flavor

  29. The question isn't whether or not you like abortions. I challenge you to find anyone who actively likes abortions. It's an emotional, traumatic, invasive experience that I'm absolutely certain nobody wants to undergo.

  30. I would add as well that one of the primary drivers for abortion is frankly financial- people want to understandably be in a place where they can afford to have a child and take care of it properly. Unwantrd pregnancies can be a direct contributor to poverty, resulting in an additional family unnecessarily leaning on assistance to survive. If you want to limit the frequency of abortions and limit the strain on our system in the long term then the best thing to do is develop social policies which help address that problem, which a ban does not (it just means more women will die as a result and more women in poverty).

  31. It's just so genuine, you'd almost mistake him for a kind person.

  32. You can tell he'd smash that but he is so disgusted and reoulsed by her he'd prefer to chop his own dick off

  33. Love how the US doesn’t apologize. Just like “yeah it’s gross but also delicious.”

  34. If Americans do one thing right it's comfort food. You feel awful for eating it afterwards and it might cut your life a little short but for a few moments there your brain is getting its dopamine like nothing else.

  35. Debate importado de Gringolandia, no tenemos etnia predominante, ni mucho menos una etnia "pura".

  36. Me imagino que sería el caso en algunas regiones andinas - en esos pueblos bien escondidos.

  37. Or sticking their dicks in another dudes face, but you know, “ironically”.

  38. "It's meant as a joke. Its not my fault if you don't have a sense of humor!" is one the biggest cop outs in history.

  39. Mass starvation would be one way to fix global warming. In the most horrific way possible...

  40. Ironically, unlike the many other things the right thinks CRT is about this is one of those things CRT does actually talk about - unequal judicial results

  41. IQ tests have well documented class and race based biases.

  42. All tests can have them. Properly administered the tests are supposed to account for those biases

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