1. Got this Rubber B strap for the Black Bay 58 yesterday. In terms of quality, feels and looks, it definitely delivers, but unfortunately, I just cannot find a good fit on my 7” wrist. It’s either too loose or too tight. There are only 7 microadjust holes and for some reason that eludes me, they are quite far from each other. This ruins what could be a great strap which I would love wearing.

  2. Replying to an old post. This was in the past when there were no DHL shipping routes between Isreal and Dubai. Now there is shipping to Isreal.

  3. Get another low-powered device and use Steam Link or something similar.

  4. I thought of that as my first options but I have more games on Xbox pass and cloud gaming is not available in my region

  5. I have an LG c1 about 5 meters away from my desk. What's the best solution to connect it to my pc? There's a wall between them so I would want a dock to connect the TV on [email protected] and peripherals. I read Thunderbolt loses integrity at long cable lengths.

  6. Too niche of a market for a stand alone shop. Even in US and Asia you won't find many shops just for mechanical keyboards that's why they're almost all online.

  7. I have the same Gpu, what are your Temps and fan noise like? I'm thinking of getting this case

  8. 3080 ftw3 or msi Seahawk aio cooled. Both are at the same price

  9. You could do it if you had an ITX mobo and ziptie the ATX PSU to the mobo frame (instead of the front panel). But like mentioned, you will have clearance issues with the cable lengths.

  10. No decent itx for Intel 12th gen with ddr4. Unfortunately the options are very limited and have their flaws.

  11. Is the game supposed to be this hard? This is my first rpg game. I only played fps since I got into pc gaming 2 years ago.

  12. GPU is 45-50 idle to 90 under load

  13. That is not normal. Thankfully I changed cases after a week of use. My Temps and noise dropped.

  14. In the process on putting together a black 7000x with mostly white interior. Still waiting on a waterblock for my gpu to finish the build.

  15. I think its internet explorer or Edge related. Did you disable or delete it prior? Because some apps use it to render web elements.

  16. So you get nothing? No library or store. What about the ui?

  17. Nothing, just the gray boarder and I can't click anything on it. The store just flashes white.

  18. dbxp says:

    If you're working for a large food producer I doubt it has much in common with enthusiasts making single cups, you'd be best off asking within the company.

  19. Its not mass market coffee for supermarkets. It's more of a coffee incubator, a facility for hosting small roasters and coffee startups. Say you are a specialty roaster somewhere in South America and want to get your coffee sold on the other side of the world, you would ship your beans here. Get them roasted, packed and stored for delivery without investing millions in machines, production lines and staff. This beats roasting locally and shipping the coffee across the sea for 2-3 months of transit time.

  20. While I applaud your desire to educate yourself on the subject matter and would probably help you get an in over someone who knows nothing about coffee, it doesn’t sound like it would be useful for a position there. At least not everything you want to learn. Any specialty producer will tell you exactly how they want their coffee processed. At least by your description it’d be more useful to just get educated at work on what they want their employees to know (how to operate their roasters and packing machines, finding clients and making connections etc). Why not show interest and ask them for education material then you’ll know what they want and look good in the process?

  21. I'm in a completely different field, HR. I think this is the opportunity I've been looking for to change careers. I do have business experience but zero knowledge about coffee besides what I like to drink at home. The understanding and knowledge of the coffee business would go along way to get my foot in the door. The only programs we have are coffee brewing. They're usually 2-3 hours long and very basic.

  22. I didn't, but I didn't look to much - just the usual places and figured it wasn't available.

  23. Where did you buy it and how much, I've been looking for one and on Amazon they're much cheaper than the shops in the mall

  24. So you've got some stuck pixels somehow, it's only a week in so you can get it replaced?

  25. Unfortunately it was on clearance so I can only get a refund. To get a replacement I need to pay full price at another retailer which is out of my budget. I'm between these 2 monitors now and the price difference between them is about $250 with the Samsung being cheaper.

  26. You can 100% get it replaced. Lg replaced my gn950 after getting a horizontal line without asking for purchase info or anything. I didnt buy it new or even clearance, i bought it used/open box from ebay a year earlier for like $400 under retail. RMA is king

  27. That's probably the US. Here consumer rights aren't so good.

  28. I ended up buying it and so far it's amazing. Def way better for work (haven't gamed in it yet and won't be able to for another couple weeks). Thankfully no dead pixels and the screen seems to be in perfect condition!

  29. Did you try it out for gaming? I'm deciding between the two right now.

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