1. It seems like you might be blaming to much on the ADD. When it's your wife at stake you do whatever you have to do to fix the situation. You have identified your problem now pinpoint it and show her a willful effort to change. The work is what she needs to see even if it doesn't end in perfection. Oh. And say your sorry.

  2. I appreciate that and you are right. It's more than difficult for me to approach anything of this nature humbly and without bias though I do try. I just want to know that the truth science/astronomy/archeology/etc. Seeks is not distorted by human emotion and pride.

  3. Why is it so unlikely? Is it the data or the date in which we live that makes it unlikely? I am no scholar nor do I sit on any high horse. Just a thought. PS the best posts I've seen since joining Reddit. Thanks

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