1. I don't like meta subreddits, how about we just share gay porn and be happy?

  2. I remember the cinnamoroll ice cream mini game in the hello kitty ds game

  3. Some people need to feel oppressed in order to be content with themselves.

  4. Oh I always thought they were hand in hand sayings sorry. My family has never celebrated Christmas so I'm not familiar with the traditions

  5. I saw man called otto last night and that had a trans man. I also really liked the movie.

  6. Okay for me personally... 1 or 2 is really good but after that I dont like how they taste

  7. Love the USA! Sure you guys are twats but I prefer you twats to most other twats.

  8. The fuck do you mean reddit moment? The fact they are gay shouldn't have anything to do with the horrible shit they did.

  9. Me and my transmasc friend talk a lot about our mental stuffs

  10. you should fight the only tron fan in the comments here

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