Mychelle Johnson (Miles Bridges’ wife) on Instagram: I hate that it has come to this but I can’t be silent anymore.

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  1. Chelsea need to turn it up quickly. Lack any interest or urgency. Season starts in 2 weeks

  2. How is that minor if he’s set to miss all of pre-season.

  3. I believe a 247 article I read had said that the rumor was that Tennessee and Texas had reached out and there could be some possible interest (not sure if some of you that follow those programs could verify or tell me I’m completely wrong haha).

  4. It's crazy how uninformed Heather sounds about Arsenal and she literally played for us lol

  5. Her commentary is rather embarrassing. It would be better if she did not guess about the players and just talk about the game in front of us.

  6. This stadium coverage is absolute shit. How is this professional coverage. This lady has no clue about this team… “Saka trying to make his mark with big signing Pepe also on the right” wtf???

  7. Guy has huge potential but getting Zinchenko for a better fee that is PL proven and can play multiple position at a top club that is still 25 will be a great coup

  8. Damnit. Way to screw over DA. He could become an all star somewhere else instead you guys hold him hostage. At least he is getting paid significantly.

  9. We have to enjoy Tommy while we can. Will probably only be here for another season or 2 at most before he gets poached by a BIG or SEC school that gives him $10m per year

  10. I think it’s less that Arizona’s not valuable, but I do think (from afar) that ASU has a historically better football tradition and culture and a general willingness to commit attention/resources to sports at a high level.

  11. Arizona has really started pumping money into football recently. We finally have an indoor training facility, are redoing the locker rooms and just signed the #25 class in football last year. We have the potential we just need to keep letting fisch do his thing. Our boosters love him.

  12. Arizona needs to move quickly if they're going to try to go to the big 10 with Oregon and Washington. They don't want to be stuck

  13. I doubt the big 10 wants us. Mountain west, Big 12 or the corpse of the pac-12 is where we will end up

  14. As long as ASU doesn't fuck it up for you, it's the Big12. Guess you could try and partner w/ CU if ASU's AD says hold my beer

  15. Idk if the Big 12 wants us. Wilner and other are reporting that Big 12 wants nothing to do with UofA, ASU, Colorado or Utah.

  16. Regardless arizona as a tier 1 research institution is done. Screw the athletic impact on our university at this point.

  17. As much as I like football, this would really be the darkest timeline.

  18. I’m also just having a moment so it may not be as bad as I’m stating. From an arizona board one of the posters framed it like this

  19. Fuck off. I don't want to hear from any of these bozos.

  20. You and oregon will be joining them pretty soon. Should be announced next week at this rate.

  21. Hey, I'm not trying to insult Washington but what makes them a shoe into a bigger conference?

  22. Washington is also top 5 research institution in the country. Over a billion dollars in R&D spent last year alone. The pac 12 is a tier 1 research conference (along with only the BIG10 and Ivy) so that is huge money for the big to take in. Plus they have a great teaching hospital too.

  23. I hope this bastard never plays another fucking minute in this league

  24. We’re bringing the Border conference back bitches!

  25. My in-laws went to Tech so I’d love to get into it with them every year haha. I’ll even bring the tortillas haha

  26. At least we will be probably sticking together until the end

  27. Woj ruined the draft for me. Turned off espn right after he said it was Banchero

  28. This is the rug that really ties the room together.

  29. Definitely stings a bit but agree with your points. We weren’t looking for someone to be a primary scorer on this team. I don’t think we could have offered the shots and PT that you could.

  30. I'm looking for low key songs with a well made beat, that's my #1. I love Future's more laid back songs like Codeine Crazy and Percocet & Stripper. They have a way of making me high sober.

  31. Hyyerr - KiD Cudi could be a good try. Little older but the vibes are there to get you feeling that way sober

  32. What do people think about the green and ivory am90s releasing on snkrs tomorrow? Hoping it will be an easier purchase

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