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  1. More red flags than a Chinese parade. Love how he feels she is old enough for them to have sex but he draws the line at her having agency to make decisions about her own body

  2. And desperate. Selfishly desperate. Men are taught that if they haven't gotten their whistle wet like 50 times just last week like Chad did that they're a failure of a man. No one is so horny they have to go harrass women in order to try and force them to fuck him. That's what pornhub is for. It's part genuine loneliness, sure, but mostly it's social pressure from other men and massive insecurity in their self worth and their masculinity. You can be broke, have no skills, provide nothing of value to your community, but if you fuck a lot of women, you can't be a failure in their minds.

  3. Lego Sets, Tetris, and puzzles have helped me tremendously!

  4. I wish someone could explain to me this hesitation to block bad people. I block for less than that. Is there some penalty for blocking too many people?

  5. Wait until he finds out about women who are deemed unattractive-

  6. Why didn’t it stop after the racism and homophobia?!

  7. I realized after college that I’d been doing it subconsciously, for YEARS.

  8. I have recently gotten into making ASMR videos. I’ve watched ASMR for years to help me sleep. Nowadays, it doesn’t help me sleep but it still helps me relax. I record myself tapping on objects, rambling or whispering certain “ASMR trigger” words without showing my face. It has been really relaxing and helps me get my mind off stuff. I’m not concerned about views or building an audience, I think I’m happy with making these videos solely for myself

  9. That’s pretty cool! My sleep is almost completely depended on ASMR Videos-

  10. There’s A TON, but one of my more recent favorites is Amy & Jonah from Superstore.

  11. “On my shoulders was a place for the entire word to sit.”

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