1. Sat at home being grumpy and wrote angry letters to newspapers I think.

  2. and were shitheads to their neighbours and family getting angry and up in their business about everything. it is what old assholes who don't use the internet still do

  3. This is pretty, but damn do I miss selective, purposeful foiling.

  4. yes i like when each card's art has thought put into what's shiny and what's not. so many of those cards still look dope.

  5. While it sucks that Sweden and Finland won't join together like they hoped, this is an opportunity they mustn't pass up on. Sweden will be within NATO territory despite not being a member so will very much still receive protection from hostile forces plus with the other Nordic countries banding together, everyone benefits.

  6. also i think at a certain point pressure will mount to make Sweden an official member since if they are gaining the protection of NATO while awaiting approval then they should also contribute to it

  7. And some weird fish stuff on toast, I guess? :(

  8. Take packaging art with a grain of salt. Nahiri surviving seems possible, even probable, but promo art might mean nothing.

  9. find a book called The Fire in Fiction by Donald Maas and pay particular attention to the chapter on 'microtension'

  10. i kinda want to build her as a commander now just to have the Worst Frame Ever

  11. Lmaooo at the style change

  12. can you use x spells with this ability and make x greater than zero?

  13. Depends on what you mean. You could use an X spell to cast first and that would allow you to get a free card that was lower than whatever your MV + X was (fireball with x = 5 would get you something free for 5 because of it’s mana value). But you couldn’t do say cast a 2 mana spell and the fireball

  14. I'd say it is Big Brain, but the US has poured a massive amount of money into this war, so I don't know what the net is.

  15. Tax money goes in, corporate profits come out, never a miscommunication

  16. not quite a boardwipe but [[windgrace's judgement]] often does what you want a boardwipe to do

  17. need a showcase version of them both punching a phyrexian from opposite sides

  18. [[Tanazir Quandrix]] got another new friend this set. Lets make those 20/20 fractal tokens have haste AND trample now.

  19. for me i've found i would give up on things out of fear of change

  20. Why tf, at this point, does anyone even have a Russian delegation in their country when there's 100% chance it's full of spies. There's literally no reason to host them until they withdraw from Ukraine. I guess counter Intel as they're probably being watched by national intelligence agencies but even then how f stupid would one have to be to spy while working at a consulate in an enemies territory. It's just confusing.

  21. yeah it's like spies but you know where they are and what they're doing and gives you a shot at monitoring them. kick out the 'diplomats' and there will only be spies you don't know about left.

  22. They know threats will end up increasing the chance non nato countries joining in. But they got to a point where if they DO NOT threat, they end up risking looking like they were just barking at the clouds. It is almost like a expected formality nowadays. They cannot afford not threatening anymore.

  23. I dunno I think making a threat, knowing it won't be heeded, makes them look weak and unscary. If you can't control someone then it's best to at least make people think you don't care and only issue threats/orders when you know they will be obeyed.

  24. Mine is Bola's Citadel. Idk why but being a card played in Legacy and stuff, with kind of an absurd effect i really thought it was super expansive kinda like Necropotence and stuff. Turns out there are some pretty cheap copies out there

  25. it was given away as a promo for a long time so there are a lot of copies of it considering how many times it was officially printed

  26. yeah i wish it wasn't literally convoke and was worded more openly. just something like tapping creatures and casting spells.

  27. imo you want enough power boosts to make karlach a one-turn kill. and with damage doublers it can be a one turn double kill.

  28. i could see that price dropping if reprinted at rare in a heavily opened set.

  29. sometimes your ability to criticizes far outstrips your ability to create.

  30. think of them as real people with real motivations for saying those things.

  31. typically slavery arises whenever there is nobody around to stop it. those in power who are not beholden to anyone else, typically bring about slavery or pseudo-slavery.

  32. Depending on how the battle takes damage I would think good trample creatures would be at a premium, especially in Standard and Pioneer. [[Bloated contaminator]] seems pretty good.

  33. i gotta assume the battles are like planeswalkers and you don't get the player being trampled damaged, unless the creature has 'trample over battles' like the 'trample over planeswalkers' dinosaur.

  34. I see what you’re saying, but I meant that since the defending player HAS to defend it unless they want you to flip, having trample creatures means they either have to block with more than 1 creature, or a big creature since you would trample and damage the battle. That’s a bad proposition for your opponent if they have to give up their board to prevent you from getting a larger board.

  35. ahhh i see. tramping into it, not over it, i forgot about that.

  36. face the world a bit more each week and you'll find it's not as bad as you're imagining it to be when you try to justify escaping it.

  37. my overnight lip routine is 4 layers. sounds complex but it's not:

  38. noted!!! i’ll definitely look i to vitamin e oil. i finally do feel comfortable with my natural lips now that they’re healthier cuz before they were a huuuge source of insecurity for me, but i’m definitely interested in the vitamin e. how long would those results last?

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