What the inside of a factory farm looks like

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kenshi skeleton

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  1. And some of the most intelligent animals on top of that. Pigs are smarter than dogs.

  2. I would like to see Shen again but not as the villain (which i get is generic)

  3. him knowing the character or not doesn't matter as thats the job of the director and script writers to do

  4. I second this, best tower defense in existence

  5. Does anything in that movie contradict the events of Joss Wedon's version? The status quo seems largely the same after both but I might be forgetting something.

  6. well he gets beemed back to his ship being swarmed by parademons. we don't know if he actually died from it

  7. i have no idea how this armor work, what should be inside?

  8. Zack played a part in making the first wonder women tho

  9. That was sick and all but it kinda bothered me how Steppenwolf seemed weaker than Doomsday and yet Wonder Woman, who put up a good fight against Doomsday, seemed like she had a slightly harder time against Steppenwolf.

  10. I do think Steppenwolf was weaker but him having his axe meant that any hit to wonder women could cripple her or even be fatal so she had to fight more defensively.

  11. Come on, man. Superman does not need, what, ten full hours of film to "become" Superman? You cannot blame that on impatience.

  12. No he isn't. Stop letting Maggie Fisheyes shit into your ears.

  13. I hate the Maggie youtuber it just feels like she makes shit up which her viewers then eat

  14. I think Hitler was also vegan, or was it just vegetarian? And he loved dogs, I think.

  15. When you a human walks into a Skin Bandit base.

  16. Plus if I pre-order Kenshi 2, I might not even remember what it is when it's finally available 40 years later

  17. Thats why we are creating the church of beep. That way when you get so old so you don't even know your own name you'll still remember Beep and Kenshi

  18. I lurk on the DC leaks subs. It’s definitely being released as long as Ezra Miller doesn’t do anything else crazy. Word on there says that even though we had a another recent wave of ‘Ezra Miller is Pedo cult leader in Iceland’ articles, Miller has been in rehab for weeks and will be until September. Looks like Miller got themselves a Meth problem.

  19. they could try deep faking someones face over erza and then redub it?

  20. Hard to believe that wouldn't violate union rules.

  21. ...I had to thrall them all! Traitors siding with the humans! Treason! WREEEEEEEEE!

  22. not my fault that fella over there had such fine skin

  23. It’s fear mongering, the newer nuclear plants are built like bunkers. The worst thing that could possibly happen is that the core is sealed with concrete after the control rods fall on it for the last time. Chernobyl 2 won’t happen

  24. Shen. I'd say why but I'm going to bed now lol

  25. Terminator 3, 4, 5 and 6 all undid the work that the film before it did.

  26. Why? It completely destroys the optimistic ending of 2 and makes Dyson sacrifice meaningless.

  27. doesn't completely destroy the ending as they still successfully delayed Skynet so the existence of Terminator 3 just lessens the movies previous victory.

  28. i thought you dipped and then licked and then repeated until the cob was clean?

  29. No of course you don't shoot at cats with a catapult. You use the cats as ammo for the catapult instead.

  30. i think thats like the joke they were going for

  31. The community has always had people like this, perfect example is the other comments saying "it's because you are Bmp2M," as if it is an excuse to be toxic. Its not. Sure, the 2M is laughably undertiered, but it doesn't mean you are allowed to bully people for using it. You did miss the heavy bulk of toxicity earlier this year when a certain conflict occurred. It got so bad they not only removed chat, they also removed most of the report system as well.

  32. this community is why i usually remain a lurker here

  33. links would be nice especially about how he protected his vision of the film. I am assuming you know the burden of proof lies on the one making claims( watch and learn as I show you how). Also all I can find about his actual thoughts on man of steel is he disapproved of the controversial ending here is a link

  34. He initially disapproved of the ending meaning that opinion changed.

  35. Yeah cool but your missing the point of what im saying here. Which is thats what comes up when you search christopher Nolan defends/protects Man of Steel. The other guys said that he helped defend it I don't see that anywhere. I'm asking for proof of what he is saying. He's gotta have a source otherwise where is he getting this information from? Reread what I wrote previously I think it's pretty obvious what I want from this.

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