1. It’s pretty bad. Do you see the numbers opposing QBs put up against us? We’re bottom 10 in every category except rushing. Talent got better since 2020 even including the injuries, defense got a lot worse. Gee wonder why. Maybe it has to do with dropping nose tackles and pass rushers into soft zone coverage #FireBoyer

  2. Boyer has flaws but he should not be fired. He’s doing a hell of a lot better than most would with the injuries we have suffered this year.

  3. We’ve had 2 significant injuries (Byron Jones and Brandon Jones). Ogbah has 1 sack and 7 QB hits this season (the sack and 4 QB hits from week 1), Kader is playing just as well so far as Nik Needham, and the other injuries on defense have been for single games. In addition, missed tackles and penalties (the Dolphins were the 4th most penalized team in the NFL at one point this season) have nothing to do with injuries and everything to do with coaching. AND even when you include the injuries this defense is way better talent wise than the top 5 2020 defense and yet it’s bottom 10 in every category except run defense.

  4. Not going to argue since our views are very different. To each their own.

  5. My expectations are 9th place team that has absolutely no idea how to close games or hold leads when opponents fumble the bag early.

  6. Ankle/calf injury that held him out 12 weeks and then immediately re-injures that ankle, yeah it’s probably not all on AJ for looking kinda rough.

  7. Kinda seems like he got rattled into an even better player weirdly enough.

  8. For people wondering about Holland. The guy has been forced to play everywhere. I mean watch where this guy lines up, he plays every position it feels like. That’s gotta be really tough for him.

  9. I would imagine Brandon Jones being out has made life really tough for Holland and that’s why he’s not looked as good this year. Jones was looking a lot better too, I miss him at that other safety spot

  10. Secondary injuries as a whole is making life hard for him, no Brandon, no Byron, No Needham, injured Howard 80% of the year.

  11. Just held out as a precaution tbh, he’s definitely gunna be playing next week

  12. What I like the most is the FO looked at the rest of the lineman and went yeah let’s go get another LT who actually plays the position instead of moving Shell away from the spot he has been playing well at since joining us.

  13. I think it’s vital he is available for the Bills game. So If it were me, he sits till then.

  14. Waddle had a strange amount of drops, out of his 10 targets, I would say 9 were pretty easy catches for his caliber.

  15. Honestly it’s not the offense that scares me. That defense, high chance of no Armstead, I’m extremely worried for the health of Tua, man is gunna take a lot of shots next week.

  16. Cam and Joe were definitely worse. Hell I’ll throw in Tony S. as well

  17. Tony wasn’t great but that wildcat season holds a special place in my heart.

  18. Flores messed with Tua so bad, McDaniel had to come save Tua’s mental state. Go fuck yourself Flores

  19. Uh I think it’s time to put Tua back in now

  20. Run game looks way better with Tua not out there. Are teams so scared of Tua with the run game that they just say screw it let him pass all over us.

  21. Armstead peck injury worries me cause those kind of injuries are usually weeks long, and we got Bosa and Mack coming up.

  22. Oline immediately in shambles the moment he leaves. Very scary

  23. Really feels like nobody in the NFL gets hit like Tua.

  24. I mean is it really harmful to keep starting Jovic since he only gets 12-15 minutes a game anyways?

  25. To be fair 11 out of 15 players on our roster are questionable or out lol

  26. All I feel is pain, clearly the team is on the same page.

  27. The man who holds the speed run record for Dolphins franchise rebuild.

  28. Best receiver in the NFL, according to Cheetah! Cracraft will have a career game today.

  29. The only thing that is stopping Tua from being front runner MVP is those 2.5 missed games.

  30. Holland is one of the best safeties in the NFL, wouldn’t be surprised if he makes it.

  31. I worked for Texas Roadhouse for almost 3 years. My first one I worked at was in Oregon, it was one of the best serving jobs I ever had, coworkers were awesome, managers surprisingly really good, owner passionate and friendly, put his coworkers first always. Made great money, 200$ a night, always 4 hour wait every single night it felt like. I avoided dancing like the plague, that wasn’t for me but they were pretty lenient and really friendly about it If you really didn’t feel comfortable doing it. Birthday saddle thing was annoying and honestly sometimes would really screw over my flow for my other tables. Especially if I was busy.

  32. Crazy what management can do for a place!!! Our GM left this summer and everything went downhill! …fast. It’s tough watching something you loved, that actually worked, go to shit all because of a few people.

  33. Management and ownership make or break a place for sure.

  34. Honestly I don’t even think he’s close to his peak yet. Which is so exciting since he’s already so damn good.

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