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  1. It's super unlikely to happen again though, but if the bulls suck too then there could be upwards of a 20% combined chance for #1 or 2

  2. Bulls pick is protected, it's not helping us get either of these guys barring something crazy like an injury really hurting their stock.

  3. Fireman looking through the fence with his fireman buddy: "Yep, that sure is a fuck ton of water"

  4. Maybe they're not fixing it, they're just going to bring other things that are on fire there to put them out.

  5. The comments in this thread focusing on the fact that a water tower exists and not that it's sprung a massive leak, lol

  6. Are we reading the same thread? At time of posting, the comments so far are literally:

  7. That’s what’s frustrating, it’s not nearly as a straightforward solution as people want to believe.

  8. He’s a republican, he’s not actually mad about voting straight-ticket, he’s just upset at the idea of voting straight-ticket at the exclusion of his team.

  9. When I started dating my wife, I was horrified to learn her family considered a salad to be literally just lettuce with salad dressing.

  10. Just lettuce and salad dressing? You sure you aren’t forgetting the half pound of shredded cheese and chopped ham?

  11. Why would he be? Making rookies do kind of gay shit as a joke seems right in line with what he'd probably find funny. It's not exactly Pride night arriving early when the use of stereotypically gay things is just a punchline to embarass the people participating.

  12. Cross Seminole Trail, Seminole Wekiva Trail, Spring to Springs, Volusia County trails to Guise road. West orange Trail, Sanfords Lake Front….they’re all open and not flooded. You’ll def be walking around trees though.

  13. Frustration bait/porn is literally the fastest way to get me to write your company off forever and vow never to buy anything you put out.

  14. And that’s fine with them. If you’re the type of person to write it off due to shitty ads, you’re also probably the type of person who won’t sit through three ads between every level.

  15. Presumably "the same place" is operated by the same entity. Why would they bother to get stickers for some of the machines and not others, particularly if that means they're providing the means for people to report them?

  16. If only there were some other ways to find things out without having to track down vending machine stickers. Like some sort of website you could use to seek out details about things you vaguely remember.

  17. You really don’t think there’s a record of which machines are registered…

  18. Reddit has a habit of going into infomercial levels of stupidity to try and dunk on shit that's really not that deep.

  19. That’s not at all what it means. The company may not be able to remove the entry from the ledger but they can still shut down the game servers at any point. They can still ban you from the game server, They could change the associated digital item in any ways they see fit, or they could just not honor the nft at all and remove it from your in game inventory.

  20. Right. It's not like the blockchain has the entire game embedded in it or something.

  21. Very close to lake county border, had a few power flickers but no serious outages. No flooding or anything in the neighborhood since we’re higher up.

  22. Yes, but for $10 I can get a 5gal gas can, and have backup. I don't have $10,000 for solar system, nor $50,000 for EV car.

  23. Whether or not you can afford a car has nothing to do with whether or not they’ll be screwed after a storm. That’s just you generally griping about electric vehicles.

  24. Except most portable generators are around 2000-3000 watts so if you’re trying to flee an emergency you better hope you have a day or two (and 10 gallons of gas) to sit there and wait for it to charge. You can turn that same 10 gallons of gas into range in an ICE in 30 seconds. I love my EV but if there was an impending natural disaster I’m hopping in my ICE suv and leaving the EV behind.

  25. Im not really sure I get the scenario you’re trying to address here.

  26. went to an "American" steakhouse in china a couple years back. was the funniest thing I did all trip.

  27. Also the steak is usually covered in a pretty overbearing black pepper sauce.

  28. One of their names can only be pronounced with clicks and whistles. Like a dolphin.

  29. You get even more stability if you do this, and then have your young kids sit in the floorboard and hold the bottles.

  30. I'll be jumping on mine, hopefully the wind carries me to the beach.

  31. If people are evacuating they'll be pretty empty ~

  32. I haven’t heard about the Miami thing. Do you have a link so I can begin panicking?

  33. Pretty sure they meant that as in, they may head to Miami to not be here when the storm arrives.

  34. The trail on the bridge over the turnpike is separated from vehicle traffic. The segment that is actually closed is along Old Highway 50. There’s a unmarked detour if you cut through the neighborhood at both ends of the construction. (As of about two weeks ago)

  35. Any idea when the bridge opens back up to vehicle traffic? Saw them taking down the detour sign on Oakland Ave/50, where they're building the roundabout, but feel that was probably for storm prep and not an imminent reopening.

  36. No idea, last I was there they were still moving dirt.

  37. Ah. It's basically done now it seems, the bridge is up, lines painted, etc. Still probably a lot of barrier work to be done, but structurally it's all there.

  38. Fun fact, Mo Bamba just switched to #11 this year. At media day today he had said he wanted to change it after his rookie season but they said he had to pay the cost of the remaining stock to do so, and it wasn't worth it.

  39. Especially hard for him since there's probably a ton of his merch sitting around in warehouses.

  40. Yeah I’m in Lakeland and it wasn’t as bad over here but preemptive measures weren’t really a thing back then so we lost power for over two weeks due to some downed lines

  41. Lived right off the Withlacoochee then, half the neighborhood was basically boat-only access for a while.

  42. This person definitely strikes me as someone who has a massive collection of opened Beanie Babies as their retirement plan.

  43. Wait, what about his accolades during the Warriors years sans the title? You just removed those as well?

  44. It's crazy how if you remove three years of accomplishments, KD and Harden have a very similar number of accomplishments, am I right?

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