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I needed this today

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  1. Why are y’all shocked? Blackpink gonna Blackpink, for better or worse. What was expected?

  2. I feel like the timeline has been left intentionally vague ever since the 8 Years Later time card in Homecoming.

  3. The Russos have said that part was literally an error by whoever wrote it, because Aaron Davis’s age and birth date are shown on the screen an it matches up to the film taking place the year it came out. So even a aspect of the film shows it takes place the year it came out.

  4. I just wanna know when Eternals takes place because nobody mentioning the Celestial coming out of Earth is odd. The rest I can just figure for myself.

  5. It seems like most fans were against them as a couple, but I thought they were cute together.

  6. They were absolutely awful and one of the worst things Whedon ever did.

  7. The things Whedon did to real people are significantly worse than a fictional pairing.

  8. Oh you’re one of those. Yes, because obviously I hold his fictional transgressions up against him being an actual predator. Come on.

  9. It’s not hard. If you’ve got everything upgraded then just kill two birds and do your NG+ play through on Ultimate. You don’t have to 100% it, just finish it.

  10. Someone I know played the game with the new face first and said she prefers it because the original looks “too old”, which I can kinda see but also he’s been Spidey for a while. I like both.

  11. That is quite literally when I put it on. It’s the canon suit, but upgraded for the serious war.

  12. I am one of those sticklers who can’t justify wearing a suit that isn’t Peter’s or doesn’t make sense to wear in the game, but as someone who LOVES Spider-Armor, I adore this because it’s just a hardcore version of the canon costume. So, it works for me.

  13. “I hope the critiques of misogynistic behavior aren't on the nose.” I don’t care if it’s on the nose honestly. I don’t know why we’re supposed to care about being subtle and understated when it comes to mocking or condemning terrible types of people.

  14. Every single time ANYTHING She-Hulk comes out it is entirely underestimated and then exceeds. Her current series is great but I am seeing so many comic stores not having enough issues to keep up with the demand because nobody cared at first and now everyone’s discovering that it’s great.

  15. Who said Chae could wear thigh-highs why is nobody thinking of the gays what the fuck did we do to deserve such violence?!

  16. Sheamus with the lights on him looked like Ironclad from the U-Foes.

  17. The rules state the trash talk must be civil. So, let me tell you this, Bucs fans: I do NOT support your team and I hope we do better than you.

  18. Where'd that tiddy come from? She upgrade? 🤔 I mean I thought she looked great as is.

  19. You do absolutely have to laugh at the low-key homophobic dig about Hulk dancing in tights as if this man didn’t wear brightly frilled outfits to the ring for years.

  20. Was about to go swimming with a buddy, work real hard, and study, but nah.

  21. I love how men are confusing “You can’t say anything to women nowadays like you used to be able to” with “It’s not that it was ok then, it’s just people speak up more now.”

  22. Don't know if anyone else said it, but D'lo Brown. He was getting a good run mid to late '99 double title status, was over, then. The droz accident happened, and he crashed hard after that.

  23. D’Lo is why we have Owens. He’s quite literally Proto-Owens.


  25. As everyone's said, Bret doesn't have to accept. Bill can absolutely move on. It IS weird Bret will forgive Shawn and Vince but not Bill.

  26. I never imagined I could work as a vegan, but now the smell of meat makes me wanna hurl.

  27. I've said all along and I'll say it again.

  28. The irony is that I don’t think a Marvel style reset is what’s best now. They’ve blown their shot. What are they gonna reset to build toward? Batman Vs Supes? JL? We’ve seen all that, and recently. You can’t reheat cold fries.

  29. I don't really think so. People will eat that stuff up again. There's 300,000 kids born every day who have never seen a Superman movie. People have turned out for every new Batman incarnation. If it's good, people are gonna come.

  30. Saying if it’s good people will come doesn’t work. These movies don’t sell based on word of mouth. They make bank of branding and what they are. The word of mouth Warner/DC have trouble with isn’t getting people to come, it’s getting acclaim.

  31. There is nothing wrong with having a signature sound and making varied musical content from that signature sound. In most musical markets it's applauded.

  32. There’s a difference between consistency of quality and consistency of sound, though. Look at bands in other genres. Foo Fighters have consistency of sound, and I love those guys, but whenever they announce a new album I don’t get excited because I know 100% what I’m getting.

  33. That’s why I think Blackpink members will be the absolute litmus test for how obsolete and creatively crushing these labels are. If making music is actually what these girls wanna do, they can do it. They’re best positioned to do so.

  34. Did.you see the movie or just hear about it?,Zod threatens kill everyone on the planet. If he has to feel any remorse. It is better than an entire planet . being destroyed.

  35. It's pretty crappy, but a justification that someone came up with is that if they were fully bonded, Eddie and Venom wouldn't stand a chance and they'd just die. This is the out the filmmakers came up with

  36. It’s dumb. It’s the Zod thing. He had to kill Zod because Zod said “Either you die or I do.” Yeah, because you fucking wrote that situation. Just write one where Superman doesn’t have to break necks.

  37. I really don’t think Naughty Dog expected that to happen and I still don’t really see why it caused the uproar it did. It was good storytelling and it’s one of the best games of its generation.

  38. It’s clear why there’s backlash and it’s clear what kind of people they are.

  39. I don’t meet bigots half way. I don’t open myself to their worldview. If your criticisms are valid, fine. If they’re not, then you’re who I mean.

  40. WAIT. Why are we pushing the anti-bangs agenda?!?! Y’all don’t like Lisa with bangs?!

  41. This gif should be illegal. Why would you post this before noon?!?!

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