1. I don’t know what you’re talking about because many of us are in emotional turmoil and there are many service members across all countries who are peaceful and harmonious individuals.

  2. You're reading it from the POV of someone who doesn't like them. Also, I feel like we missed out on knowing the reasoning behind the actions. When it was Feyres POV you understood why they were making those decisions. Nesta was pretty isolated from it all.... which was her choice. She said herself she didn't want to be apart of the "merry little band"

  3. Rhys destroyed what Nesta wanted to be her home, was never really all that nice to her, and he also kept from Feyre that her pregnancy might kill her. There’s a lot of stuff from Feyres POV that doesn’t sit well with me tbh

  4. I hate pregnancy tropes so much I really hope it doesn’t become some weird expectation for the archeron sisters to be pregnant like 8 months into getting with someone

  5. Edit** reddit seems to have posted my comment twice, and I dunno why, I dont want to delete though as there's comments

  6. Bruh. I’m not saying she should give him closure but after saving her mate and saving her family she could at least apologize for collapsing his entire court and maybe even come forward and admit she did it to those who still demonize him for her lies. Regardless of how either of them feel, they are a high lord and high lady. Feyre cannot ask for peace and amicability between the courts while doing nothing to create/maintain it among all courts.

  7. Well it's 9 here, but still...I had to get it off my chest asap!

  8. Maintenance ticket: "there are lots of bugs outside"

  9. If it’s any consolation my safe food is a deconstructed happy meal, and the smell of fish makes me sick.

  10. Get your closure from elsewhere and stop lying about your reasoning. You have made a very assumptive post considering the Bride posted in trueoffmychest about what actually happened. YTA you should’ve just stayed in your car or found something to do after she asked you to leave

  11. Wow. Seeing the dress, I'm going with YTA based on that alone. That dress screams bridal, and the fact that it's red is very attention grabbing. You do not wear a bridal/bridesmaid type dress to a wedding unless you're in the wedding party. It's your ex's wedding. Even tho you two are on good terms, it behooves you to dress conservatively for his wedding to avoid comparison.

  12. The bride posted on true off my chest extremely upset because of how OP is lying and how her husband blindsided her with this. OP Is the BIGGEST AH

  13. It’s okay! Everyone said she was an asshole for ignoring your wishes and showing up to your wedding in a Red WEDDING dress. Your husband sucks though

  14. I second the matterport with the mount I made one of our club house and it’s perfect

  15. I never understand this line of thinking. “A woman did something trashy or sexual, she must’ve been abandoned by her father!” Or like, maybe she’s just a trashy or sexual person?

  16. It’s a shit stereotype but woman with father abandonment issues can end up in abusive relationships and/or going down a path that leads to this. It’s shitty, but it’s a thing.

  17. Muffin and Potato Chip. I'm technically obese, and either binge or starve, there's no in between.

  18. Please don’t blindly listen to everyone saying they can’t do this. Unless your lease states the fee for return payments or early termination they absolutely can do this. Especially if your resident handbook is worded as such that terms are subject to change.

  19. Agreed. The fees being changed are not usually part of a lease.

  20. With how many people work in property management I truly am surprised by the misinformation in this subreddit

  21. Elain. Everyone thinks that because she wasn’t outright awful to Feyre and because she’s a wilting violet that she’s just a poor sweet girl. She is less than two years younger than Nesta. She also let Feyre go into the woods, she also was very aware of Nesta’s tendencies to lash out and she didn’t care enough to speak up about it. Neutrality means that you don’t really care, and Elain pretty much brushing off Nesta who only cared about her for the longest time, to me shows that she’s self centered.

  22. funny how ppl complain that the women are getting voted out but when feyre’s the last fmc standing, suddenly they wanted her out. 🍵😌

  23. I want Feyre out because she’s a hypocritical and heavily flawed character that is treated as if she’s mother Teresa.

  24. I mean, these posts come up so often. I genuinely don’t get why people can’t just like who they like without having to defend themselves. Do you question why people like Rhysand? He’s done even more messed up stuff than Nesta. What about Azriel? Or Cassian?

  25. No literally. Rhysand treats Nesta like SHIT. Nesta becomes Fae,watched her dad get murdered and then commits murder in the same breath that is some DEEP trauma and after six months Feyre goes “yeah you’re not healing at a pace that I enjoy so I’m going to force you to stay in a house and train and work in isolation, despite the fact that when that happened to me I collapsed an entire court”

  26. I love Nesta. Her arc is one of redemption self exploration, and overcoming emotional trauma. Her arc has something that I wish I saw more of in Feyre’s because I don’t have to question Nesta’s morals or predisposition. Everyone loves talking about how Nesta left Feyre to hunt for food but no one talks about the fact that Elaine is the eldest and did the same exact thing, it’s just prettier because Elaine bought her paint out of guilt and instead of lashing out when bad things happen she became a waif. Nesta saved everyone from Hybern but they treat her like shit while she’s trying to cope with watching her dad die and then subsequently committing murder.

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