1. cant say exactly but it shouldn't be as bad as last year, since they brought exams back and almost everyone is doing in-person

  2. software engineering has a bunch of unrelated courses which is kinda a "waste of time" and you cant take electives in things you enjoy for example data science, interactive media, big data analytics are a few you can not take (depending on uni)

  3. there are lots of other fields that make lots of money, like considering you like to make stuff maybe mechatronics engineering

  4. Isn’t $15 too low? If I’m going to end up earning $15/hour then do I even need a degree to get a job? I am an upcoming graduate of ordinary BCom right now and I’m earning $19/hr. I could have gotten a higher salary but that’s just because I still have no administrative experience that’s why I lowered the expected salary.

  5. you said minimum - average salary after a few years of experience (or even a beginner) is usually 25-$40 and even up to 50-$60 if your really experienced

  6. U R Right, this is the real sports car cuz it has a tattoo on it

  7. Hard to get 90 > easy to get 98 most of the time

  8. "Authenticity is also powerful. It’s about having the power to be you and to live life on your own terms. To love, trust and respect yourself and your opinions, beliefs and thoughts. Your behaviour is consistent no matter what the situation and your thoughts, actions and words are loving and unified. You’re happy to own how strong and loving it feels, to stand in your own light and power."

  9. the thing is you cant ask questions directly to khan academy so if you don't understand a certain part of a solution you cant have it explained in a different way

  10. did you take gr 11 chem? if you did you could do night school for gr 12 chem if the classes are full or you could wait for someone to drop (usually a few ppl will drop especially because it's a stem course)

  11. you cant just take it in nights school, guidance will not allow you becuz you already are in a af class

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