1. nah as long as you get your hs diploma and meet the grade requirements you should be fine

  2. Yeah the driving in this city has gotten crazy lately. It’s always been a bit whack, but I feel post pandemic there just are no rules and no enforcement.

  3. he probably just reversed to the house after you left cuz its only 1-2 houses down lol

  4. You can still apply but you won't be considered equally because the deadline has passed. If the programs not competitive at all, i would apply. If its competitive don't expect a response.

  5. second sem mark upload date to ouac is april 27th. where do you see may 4th?

  6. For York sem 2 midterm prob not matter. I don't remember when York did their waves last year. It may have been around March last year. My advice, if you haven't got accepted yet, don't put your foot off the accelerator academically, it may cost you.

  7. damn, I did kinda bad in sem 1 finals I was hoping I could have a good chance of getting a offer with sem 2 midterms.

  8. The exact course code will show up, for example, if you take calculus it will show MCV4UE

  9. I’m in same position as you rn (but I’m in grade 12 and have already applied)

  10. if you fail 2 courses make sure you will graduate on time and are getting all the credits

  11. If you're not interested in the business part too much and just like tech, the Networking and IT Security program at Ontario Tech is good. I found out about this program late and had to resubmit my application. If you check on LinkedIn many of the grads work at big companies.

  12. it actually got much harder after they took out grade 13 lol. I feel they should make each grade a little harder starting from grade 6 cuz too much time was wasted in elementary and also so the transition to uni can be smooth.

  13. yea I think a lot will lol that's why it's a "unpopular opinion" but tbh public speaking and social skills are just as important in life than doing questions on paper.

  14. lots of nice hiking/biking trails and parks if you enjoy that also saw some cafes

  15. I thought about jobs that I would be able to do for the rest of my life and that are also enjoyable (so I won't have trouble getting out of bed every day for work like I do for school lol). Then I chose a major that relates to those jobs.

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