1. Yes, once every couple months is reasonable. Her friend wants her to go weekly (like I said, her friend is out 3-4 nights of the week). I think that is excessive, I want a wife and kids at home at the end of the night so we can all wind down together. That's just a dealbreaker that I didn't know I had in a relationship until now. Most people I know have that, and I don't feel it's an unreasonable ask to all be in bed at a decent time of the night.

  2. Like I said in the first comment, if you can't trust her when she tells you that she doesn't want to go out all the time when she has you waiting at home, that's a problem. I personally see no reason to not believe her from your post. But in the end only you can choose wether to believe her or not. As your partner though it would make me question the relationship if you don't take her word at face value.

  3. I do want to take her word, very badly. The only thing that scares me is how big of a gamble that is moving further away from my daughter. I was hoping she would recognize how big of a gamble and step it is for me (since we've talked about this issue in the past), and take the path of "actions speak louder than words" and show that she wants to settle down by actually doing it before I moved there.

  4. Honestly nothing is irreversible in that regard. You can always move closer to your daughter again and make a new agreement with her mom. However breaking up with a partner without knowing wether it was justified or not is much less reversible.

  5. Always take the earlier option. You never know about train delays or technical difficulties, you don't know about how long the TSA and check in lines will be, or quickly you find your way through the airport.

  6. I always send my husband pictures of guys trying to flirt with me especially when it's hilarious or sugar daddy type requests. It's just funny to have a laugh together at other peoples poor/disgusting attempts and makes me feel less uncomfortable by the fact I received such messages.

  7. In most cases a marriage visa is the safest bet, so maybe look into that.

  8. Chicken fingers from canes with their bread and extra canes sauce. Not the healthiest but it always gives ne comfort due to it being one of the first meals I shared with my husband in his country

  9. Best place to chat and video chat for people in long distance relationships

  10. The power to stay asleep during your alarms going off

  11. I love tea and the odd part was already there from reddits suggested user name, and since cup of tea was already taken I put the two together

  12. It can mean that yes, but it doesn't have to be a loss. I am giving up my career so I can move to my husband so we can live together. My job here is probably better than what I will be able to find in his country for the field I'm in, but that's okay. I don't mind starting new job vise and perhaps doing something a little less pleasent or under worse conditions because to me a job just needs to pay the bills,for my happiness in life I just need my husband and friends so I'd give up on a career any day if that's what it takes to be with them.

  13. Guess that odd tea will have to get spilled in order for me to come out on top. Probably one of the easier bosses

  14. I'm not even on tik tok but it's all over the place, even saw someone on a ldr reddit offering to be the 'tester' for payments. Like for christs sake if you can't trust your partner to not cheat then clearly you shouldn't be with said partner and instead focus on yourself or find someone who doesn't make you insecure about it.

  15. Seen it back fire in real life. A coworker of mine "trust tested" her partner and when he found out he left her. He never cheated, hid anything or did anything wrong and felt betrayed by her

  16. Rightfully so, had my husband ever done something like this to me I would have been heartbroken as well and definitely walked out of that relationship straight away

  17. Showing true desire (that’s assuming she still has any) and blowjobs. I haven’t had one in years and I miss them a lot. A good ol BJ would really lift my spirits. Hell even just sucking on it as foreplay. That has never been there with her, and it has never made sense to me.

  18. Did you ever tell her that that's something you desire? At least from what I heard it's usually not something women enjoy doing (ofc there's always exceptions) and often only do do it as a favor for their partner if they know that's what they would want.

  19. How would you define someone showing interest? Do you mean by that that they should initiate?

  20. Find out where in the timeline I landed and if I'm force sensitive and therefore in potential danger or not.

  21. Depends on the smell. If it's alcohol or cigarettes than yes I couldn't stand that, but anything that's not drug related is usually easily fixed or an actual health issue, so for me personally not a deal breaker.

  22. Don't have kids myself but grew up without a chimney. And basically it's not an issue at all because in my country people don't believe in Santa. We know about saint Nicolaus who comes on the 6th of December, so far before Christmas, and he either fills your boots that you put on your front door step with sweets and small gifts or actually knocks on your door and comes in to read out whether you were good or bad, has you sing a song and then hands you your gifts. Usually family with younger kids go for the latter, and kids that are like 10+ move on to the boot method.

  23. A sort of bullet train system from Europe to the US. I know it's unrealistic but man would that be helpful for people in ldr's.

  24. Lack of communication. It can be so easy to fall into the rhythm of thinking things are good because neither party is saying otherwise and it can simultaneously be the easiest way to corrupt and corrode the relationship. Best way to fix it? Just let it out before it becomes a big issue, don't let things bottle up to the point that you get upset over the little things

  25. So many times I see posts on relationship related reddits that literally are like 'my partner did something wrong/didn't do something cause they couldn't read my mind, they should have known better and now I'm angry '

  26. Monopoly, but no one ever wants to play it. Pretty sad cause I absolutely love it and the anger it causes all the players when I cash in their rent on my hotels until they go bankrupt lol it's the one time when capitalism is actually funny

  27. A nice house with enough space so future kids can each have a room of their own as well as a guest room and a room to use as cosplay workshop. Also a nice big garden to make my dog happy.

  28. Guys that look like bodybuilders/go to the gym to be packed with muscles.

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