1. Not trying to be a dick, but not a great pickup. There is tons of better options at that price point

  2. With the 360 you could. the Xbox original you had to buy the remote they made to be able to watch movies. The 360 let you use the controller.

  3. Apple ridge apartments end of every semester when college students might move.

  4. I swear I see random people dumpster diving atleast 3 times a week here haha

  5. The YouTube vid says New Orleans as location haha

  6. I would say Cabela's but everytime I try to enjoy the aquarium there someone's trying to sell me a time share. Like I'm just trying to look at the fishies bro..

  7. being almost 26 and being grouped with. the 19 year olds makes me feel weeeeird

  8. True I don't here anyone talk about this place. Looks nice but very mediocre food and service wasn't great. It felt like a place no local would go but if you're a out of towner trying to find something then they'd go there. ( Tourist trap restaurant) haha

  9. Yeah, service was really really bad and for a burger restaurant you’d think they would serve the burgers on something better than a great value bun

  10. Haha that's funny my girlfriend had almost the same thought about the buns. The tater tots were really bad also Wich I've never hated a tater tot honestly didn't know it was possible but there was no potato in it. lol

  11. Winter hiking! I'm solo out here with no friends since I'm new to the area, so I've been leaning into winter hiking around the area. There are lots of parks and trails in the area that are pretty flat and fun to do, along with tougher ones if you like a challenge.

  12. What trails have you been enjoying that are flat? I love aman park usually where I go during summer walks. but can be way to icy with therebhills during the winter haha

  13. I'm guessing based on "I don't have many friends", that you're looking for friends? Get on Google Maps & go to the discovery area. Look around on the. Instead of an address in the search, put an interest you have. (Clubs, parks, fitness, etc...)

  14. If you don't mind me asking what are some of your favored trails around GR area?

  15. Don't know if it'll help but try charging it for a sec see if it does anything. Other than that might have to wait for the battery to die. Never had this happen I've used mine daily for like 7 months

  16. If I'm not mistaken it's cause of your level when you get higher up match makings faster. Try ranked possibly if not already.

  17. I've just always been fascinated by planes. Even though I bring reading materials and have my phone, I honestly try to avoid them if I can because the overall stimulation at an airport is both low and specific. It lets me quiet my brain a bit and can become zen-like in a way.

  18. I find this pretty funny. Because for me when I get to a airport I'm always stressed the whole time. Haha

  19. What microdose schedule(frequency) are you following if you don't mind me asking?

  20. Aye nice just did this to stir my bowl worked good! Haha

  21. Got mine a couple days ago also. Not disappointed at all especially for the price! The only thing it needs is a WPA though!

  22. I'm new to MDing also but from my experience things I like to do like make music and play video games I do alot more and more focused. I would only assume if I was a big reader then I would read more on my MD days. Haha that's just my experience everyone's gonna be different though.

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