1. I’m in the same boat as you😭 but don’t lose hope

  2. You can find pdf files of the Nelson 4Uphysics textbook online and they have a lot of practice problems you can work through. Also the organic chemistry tutor explains things really well on YouTube. Depends what grade you consider bombing a test, but your grade is most likely still saveable. Try telling your teacher you’re aiming for a 95+ and see if they can help you achieve that and maybe they’ll let you retake the test/give you more practice problems for future tests

  3. I was thinking about talking to my teacher but I’m not really sure how to approach him about it. Also I’m assuming i got 40-50% bc I left one question empty and there were 2

  4. Honestly just go up to him and ask him upfront, you can start with something like “hey I was just wondering if you think getting above a 95 in this class is achievable and if it is do you think you could help me with it?” If that’s too awkward for you you can try emailing, but I think speaking in person would be better. As for the test see if he’d let you retake it or maybe even just do an extra question to bump your grade, tell him you want to work hard In his class and would appreciate all the extra help you can get because from my experience teachers really appreciate students who put effort into their class so it might make him more willing to help you

  5. Alright how’s this? I’m planning on mentioning that I studied a lot for the first part of the test but didn’t do nearly as good as I wanted to and I really want to do good in this class but I’m willing to put in as much hard work as I need to but I was wondering if he could maybe help out with that by maybe letting me come in at lunch once in a while to get some topic explained or get some practice questions for each lesson we do and I think I’ll also ask if he could possibly give me a few extra assignments to make up for this mark and bump my mark up a bit or maybe let me retake it with different questions if possible but if not, I think I’ll ask if it would be possible for this mark to be dropped if I do good on all my other assignments like if this is an outlier grade

  6. I should make this a weekly thing. Turns out I am great at being a motivating asshole.

  7. Plz make these weekly im begging u😭 behind on hw already and it’s only the second week I won’t get into any unis if u don’t keep this up

  8. I got pages on pages of practice problems(with answerso only) for adv functions that my online teacher gave me. Also got some material for physics. PM if you need anything.

  9. i paid 0 attention in mpm2d and got a 92 in mcr3u so honestly you should be alright bc the concepts r very different just don’t let anything intimidate you

  10. also i feel like an option to type in the amount of time instead of scrolling would be easier to work with and also it would be nice if i could add a time over 90 min

  11. currently trying it out now and it’s actually nice! i’d appreciate some more explanation about the features in the app though because that confused me at first

  12. shift adv functions and calculus to grade 12 instead of grade 11. this is the first year you’re having exams so honestly don’t risk it with classes that important

  13. Harvard CS50 has eveyrthing you need. Not taking coding courses is not a problem - the bootcamps and online courses are far more useful imo anyway. If you're applying to waterloo SE, make sure to mention them in the AIF (supplementary application). You'll be fine

  14. i’m currently doing this but i’m worried i won’t finish in time for the release of the aif, would they still count it as experience if i am not fully finished the course?

  15. try studying straight from the textbook that’s used in grade 12 chem. it’s usually easy to find online as a pdf or you can try your local library

  16. tbh just take it in day school. also if ur applying to uoft or waterloo they prefer ppl taking englisj in day school so dw about it

  17. i’ve never heard of a healthcare course, what do u do in it?

  18. it sounds like a good course but the only thing is i feel like a few of the topics would overlap with biology, but if ur interested in a career in healthcare i’d say keep it and ur courses r all good

  19. jensen math helped me out a lot in mcr3u and onphysics is good too. honestly and just enjoy your summer and relax. you’ll be perfectly fine

  20. i also have some notes from mcr3u but they’re on paper

  21. i’ll make a google drive w them and send the link

  22. my bmi reached 29.9 which worried me a lot. i was tired of looking at myself in the mirror and hating what i saw and i knew that would get worse if i let myself gain any more weight

  23. Took it over the summer, was one of the easiest courses I took in highschool. Finished with a 96. Is there any specific questions/advice you might have in particular? I'd be more than happy to share my experiences.

  24. i’m taking grade 11 physics this year and i want to do as good as possible, could you tell me a bit more about techniques you used to study?

  25. You stated otherwise in your explanation… but basically physics online is pretty hard as the topics can be very boring at times so you gotta stop yourself from being distracted…

  26. most teachers r understanding enough to do that. in mcr3u i had 95+ on all tests except one where i got 35% bc my brain just wasn’t working that day. my teacher didn’t drop it fully but dropped the worth of that test significantly and i finished w an 89. try asking, the worst that would happen is ur teacher saying no

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