1. You dizzy mate? what other club drags negotiations out over this length of time. It's not even a matter of opinion it's factual. Chelsea signed god knows how many players in the time frame and Arsenal wrapped up trossard in under 48 hours. If you want to hero worship levy be my guest but don't expect the rest of us to follow you off the cliff.

  2. Arsenal also spent all year chasing mudryk trying to negotiate a better deal before failing spectacularly. And did the same thing last January with vlahovic. United spent about 18 months trying to get the sancho price down before paying it in full. They dicked about with de jong all summer before giving up, then took forever to buy antony, ending up paying his full release at the end of the window.

  3. The world was a more sensible, happier place before twitter and minute by minute updates on transfers.

  4. We have to stop at two. There are only five days left and we need at least 20 to get things done.

  5. You know what? I've found a good test to find out how recently somebody started following the sport is to ask a non-Spurs fan how good Bale is. It's unbelievable how many new people don't rate him.

  6. We don't need to get rid of Moura, he can just not be registered in the CL squad.

  7. Is this not me standing on this hill? How am I wrong if I might ask?

  8. Well you deleted your original comment after lloris played pretty well today and kept a clean sheet. That is pathetic.

  9. Vokeys are basically muscleback wedges. If your 50 has a 40 yard range, it means you’re getting no where near the middle of the club with any degree of regularity.

  10. A muscleback is a bladed iron that has all of the weight right behind the sweet spot. Think all the really sexy “good player” clubs that every manufacturer makes.

  11. He is a Liverpool hero, and Everton are likely being relegated regardless of who’s in charge

  12. I agree I remember hearing a story about Thierry Henry at Monaco when they had a shooting drill his players struggled with he did it and smashed it first time and he turned and just asked why they couldn't do that? Obviously coz they're not Thierry Henry but because he could he didn't understand why they couldn't. I dunno if lampard struggles with that personally but I can't see him in coaching forever unless he goes and does the graft in the lower leagues

  13. Apparently hoddle was similar as a manager. Couldn’t get why his players couldn’t do what he found obvious.

  14. Given the talent hoddle had that honestly doesn't surprise me. Man was otherworldly with the ball at his feet

  15. And yet, after a round like that, if you ever say fuck it, I’m playing 27 today, the next 9 is always hot garbage.

  16. All the Poch players need to go before he comes in.Otherwise I just don't think it will work.

  17. Not that many still left. Lloris, dier, sanchez, davies, sessegnon, lucas, son, kane off the top of my head. Lloris, lucas definitely leaving, kane probably. Plus the guys on loan who we’re already trying to sell.

  18. We've got ONE point in 7 games vs the Big 6 + Newcastle this season, we've lost all 3 home games. Unless that changes, we won't be able to challenge for shit.

  19. The difference between us and Newcastle is that they don't completely shit the bed against top sides and at least draw. We've lost 7 games. 6 of those are against Big 6 + Newcastle. There's a clear gap forming on the table between us and a Manchester United side that have seemed to figure it out. Meanwhile we're in poor form.

  20. Well that, and they haven’t conceded a league goal since before the world cup.

  21. I mean, I’m not entirely convinced about the cocktail, would need to try it.

  22. It's been a year since the initial Freelancer announcement. A whole year! I have friends who went from just married to raising a kid in that time.

  23. More realistically for Reddit though, I have friends that I’m not sure have moved 50 feet from their office chair in that time.

  24. It's funny you bring up Phil, I was just listening to a podcast and they were talking about how another pro had commented on Phil being the most talented golf athlete out there based on how successful he has been with his swing. Obviously Phil still has good overall mechanics but they talked about all the things Phil has to do to compensate for other things he is doing and the fact that he has had some much success is a testament to his hand eye coordination and athletic ability. Basically the point they were trying to make was, while a lot of tour pros could probably mimic his swing, they wouldn't be able to be world class like he is at the same time.

  25. Queue all the people who play games 4 hours a week ready to complain that they can't checklist every little thing and therefore the game is bad. Everything needs to be catered to them and what they have time for, with nothing extra for anyone else.

  26. I doubt they’ll take back a fully custom club and give you all your money back if there’s nothing wrong with it.

  27. I was hoping just to swap out the head to a utility iron

  28. Considering you just spent well over $1000 with them they may work with you a bit.

  29. To add the Wikipedia article was added in an edit after my response.

  30. Your just gonna burry your head in the sand, the oh it's my way or the high way , cause I said it is. Lol

  31. Ill text him for the brand. They are a heads only blade set from wish.

  32. Well that doesn’t make any sense, loft jacking is generally in game improvement irons that have the technology to still launch the ball properly. And even then, the sgi massive pitching wedges max out at around 39 degrees

  33. Along with the fact that many loft jacked clubs hit higher than the non-loft jacked clubs because they spin less. The original lofts came from technology that hit shorter so keeping the same lofts doesn't always make sense. Driver lofts have reduced over time and nobody complains about that.

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