1. /s That's what the virus would say!

  2. I just use the Windows 2000 cursor that's still packaged with modern versions of Windows

  3. I live in a literal fucking desert and ther are fucking deer

  4. Heartbreaking: Someone Who Agrees With You Phrases It In Unbelievably Horrible Way

  5. "D&D is one of my favorite things that I can share with my mom. She tells me stories of her adventures from the 80s and I tell her stories of mine from ongoing campaigns. This game means a lot to me and I don't want to lose it."

  6. It took them 9 years to add babies that aren't considered an object by the game that you can skip instantly

  7. Also games like Minecraft and Stardew Valley and Terraria with unofficial modloaders that are incredibly modular and allow you to have hundreds of mods at once without breaking the game, and Sims 4 starts deleting UI assets for no reason if you try to add more than 3 traits to a sim.

  8. Recommending John Carpenter's The Thing and the Banana fucking Splits movie in the same breath.

  9. I want the joker to be kinda fucked up and murdery still but to do it in a ridiculous and stupid way instead of just smacking a guy or shooting a guy like I want the joker to put pizzazz into it, he's a showman, he's the third fruitiest Batman villain, he's the kinda guy who'd steal a chimp from the zoo and give it a gun or actually kill a guy with a banana peel.

  10. Me, a non denominational Christian walking into my own church:

  11. Well MY SCP Self insert OC has anxiety and a Hello Kitty landline phone at their desk.

  12. The 5th SCP on the wiki is literally just a key that opens stuff.

  13. I want to do that for this reason and also because I am a weeb.

  14. Make the name super long so it's impossible to move with Windows file explorer.

  15. My antidepressants aren't really working but they help with the anxiety!

  16. That is a good idea I should post photographs of me in funny clothes to reddit dot com slash r slash one nine six.

  17. Goblins should be either hot or the Aurora Palm Pals Gribble Goblin.

  18. Sam & Max is a comic created by Steve Purcell of formerly Lucasfilm, then Telltale, and now Skunkape. The most notable entries in the franchise are 4 point & click adventure games (Sam and Max Hit the Road from 1993 and the Telltale Sam & Max games from 2007 to 2010)

  19. Jack Horner is the kind of person to hug Dave Chapelle on stage fully aware of his large trans following.

  20. Jack Horner is the kind of person to say "No it's okay I have a trans friend and she would've loved this actually" while making transphobic jokes (TW: Suicide)

  21. My computer and phone both being irreparably wiped and the 1Password server inexplicably going down without warning at the same time and never recovering seems way less likely than … losing a slip of paper.

  22. Yes, it just becomes slightly less practical to store physically the more logins you add and more time consuming to type in.

  23. I saw my childhood home on Zillow. They took out the wood paneling, the unique brick pattern you'd see by the hallway entrance I liked to put rocks and fossils on, the carpet is now fake wood tile, the kitchen no longer has charmingly 50s-ish counters and tile and the wall that had its window on it is now the same color as the window, which no longer has a trim, they took all of the ceiling fans and interesting lights and replaced them with tiny ones placed in the room randomly, they completely sealed an entrance to one of the rooms which now only has one entrance and no windows which is literally just a fire hazard, and the demo furniture they have is fucking CUBES

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