1. Hungarian. Hungary sent a buuuunch of rifles and mags to Iraq.

  2. My local ish store has golden tiger 5.45 lacquered case and sealed bullet/primer

  3. Dust cover, bolt, and carrier, possibly gas tube

  4. Just got my saiga back from cwgunwerks was about 1700 for front/rear conversion without a side folder. So I’m guess maybe 23 24 total.

  5. 1700 was your cost of parts you supplied + his labor together?

  6. Got some ak 12 mags coming in in august. Stoked. Nice collection

  7. Thank you. I recently just got my first 2, was too lazy to add them to this picture. They are definitely neat

  8. Mags looks great. That bottom row is looking too full IMO 👀👀

  9. They pack up perfectly in their home, a nice Russian 4 cell mag pouch

  10. Honestly.. just gotta throw enough US $ at the right Eastern European guy

  11. You should uuuuuh toss me that one on the far right.

  12. Surprisingly those aren't too hard to find. I'm sure you will have some luck soon!

  13. Id take any bayonet thats all black and clean like that

  14. Check eBay for "East German bayonet" and pick one you'd like

  15. Bought it 4ish years ago from a local gun-show! At the time I paid 615$ which I knew was pretty high at the time, but I really wanted it lol.

  16. Now they sell for more than that so you made out. Surplus for the most part only goes one direction

  17. North Korean, I have one too. You can tell by the weld marks. Chinese welded the left side of the spine and North Koreans welded the middle part of the spine.

  18. What do you value these 20 rounders at? Curious if I got a decent deal or not

  19. Looks to be an Albanian contract magazine from the balkans .

  20. Any reasoning you think so? I'm always open to learning new things and would like to nail down what this is

  21. Can I ask what a FB radom Beryl bayonet goes for currently? Are they available to purchase from polish gun stores?

  22. Bro maybe give the acid a break for a few days

  23. This is nice. I'm a brown grip guy myself but the blue is sharp

  24. Make friends in Poland. There also used to be a polish gun store that posted often in combloc market. Could try to find and ask them

  25. I keep mine just in my gun safe. It's in a pretty stable environment. I clean all of mine when I get them and oil them with clp for storage. Sometimes I reapply once a year if I feel the need

  26. I 100% thought you were holding it with your toes

  27. Careful with those AK’s they can become rather addictive .

  28. Don't even start about the accessories that go with them too. Ask me how I know..

  29. Clayco…very cool. One of the earliest AK imports to America. 1983-1987. 100% Chinese made parts. That looks like original furniture too. That’s a real gem. Highly collectible, which you know after setting your wallet on fire. Damn. I’m jelly. It’s so pretty.

  30. Unfortunately the pistol grip isn't original but the rest looks beautiful. He could find one, they are out there from time to time

  31. Hit that thing with some shellac and it will look like it just rolled off the line

  32. To piggy back on this. Is Golden tiger 5.45 worth $400 a case these days? (Not buying or selling, just asking)

  33. No belts above 10 rounds tho correct? Unless the belts are pre ban? And even then once they delink they can't be reassembled?

  34. Mostly correct. Links can and are reused.

  35. Hm Interesting. I know they physical can be reused. The guy was just saying once delinked and then relinked that would constitute making a new high capacity magazine/feeding device

  36. Yes there are. I collect them and this is one I'm currently looking for as well. It's an AKM type 1 and worth between $50-100 depending on where you find them/condition

  37. Im from slovenia, im gonna buy one for my camping trips, there is a mil surplus store of a friend i know, he is selling this excact bayonet for 40 euros. I also have my dads m70 akm bayonet from his time in service.

  38. That's a fair price and they make decent camping knives, although there are much better. Enjoy it along with your dad's. They are cool pieces of history and affordable

  39. Hey I just bought one myself yesterday too! 52 bxn stripper clips, sling, pouch, and oiler for $600

  40. Absolute steal at today's prices.

  41. Its a solid price, I was happy. The guy was moving states and didn't want to bring it with him

  42. Umm sir, your polytechs muzzle nut is on backwards..

  43. Thank you for helping point me in the right direction. It's actually a feather industries at-9 magazine someone pointed out in another sub and I found pictures of it listed as such on a few sights

  44. That’s definitely posty. You can tell by the finish on it. Too clean and “fresh” to be pre 94

  45. Trust me this was disgusting when I bought it. Came to the conclusion it's a at-9 magazine once another member called it. Definitely not a posty, this high blueing screams 80s/90s

  46. That looks like a Feather Industries AT-9 magazine but it is missing the cut out to make it compatible with and UZI.

  47. Spot on, thank you sir. Took a chance for $5 at a gun show thinking it was an Uzi mag

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