1. 2 chapters in now and this is grim, but so good, damn

  2. I'm glad you liked it! My husband asked me to expand on my last sentence and I talked for another 20 minutes so I feel like I had more to add but that can be another post I suppose lol

  3. Congratulations, you've defended your thesis well, and have now earned your Ph.D in Queer Mirror Analysis.

  4. Pretty sure this is what you’re looking for. It’s one I love as well!

  5. I loved Kiss with a Fist! I like that Stede is also pissed off and it’s not just him groveling for Ed.

  6. Yes! They're both fierce in that one. I also just noticed I posted it twice lmao. I really needed yall to read that one hahah

  7. Thank you for this list!! I really can’t get enough of this smutty fan fic.

  8. GOD I love In Over His Head. I read that mammoth fic in a day and still wanted more! I'm so glad you found my list helpful!

  9. I started Hell or High Water from your #1 fav fic link rec and I am HOOOOOOKED six chapters in. Thanks very much. You made my whole week.

  10. Yesss! This makes me so happy! It's such a good story! I'd love to hear your thoughts as you make your way through (if you wanna talk about it)

  11. I think it's great that you had this show as a medium to express what's important to you/makes you feel happy! I've actually seen this sentiment expressed quite often by fans of the show and I think it's perfectly normal to talk about the things you're excited about!

  12. What is your budget? Moto-jackets are ubiquitous but I assume the need for the vest hack is to make it more budget-friendly?

  13. For the jacket, ebay may be a good spot to lurk. There's

  14. Thank you so much for the info! You've been incredibly helpful! I think I'll set a "hit list" or whatever it's called on ebay. And you're right about the faux leather, I'd be so sad to see my outfit disintegrate. Again, thank you!

  15. Stede’s dad was so weirdly hateful about his son being rich despite himself presumably also being rich. Like “fuck you for inheriting my money! Even though I also have that money and could probably disinherit you and give it all to charity if I wanted, but no, I’m just going to give you deep psychological scars instead!”

  16. That's a fascinating thought I hadn't had before, why is his dad so angry about him inheriting his wealth?

  17. If you take David Jenkins' words as gospel -- that Izzy and Ed were in a tragic love affair of their own when their ship sailed into this series -- that puts Izzy in the role of burned out, no longer pretty, taken-for-granted, jilted first spouse whose man had a midlife crisis and ran off with the first pretty blonde he saw. The blonde homewrecker has fancy clothes and so much money that they never had to work a day in their life and could just be all fresh and all fun all the time, while Izzy was still stuck trying to keep their old life and home from falling apart. Sad. Of course, the show is a rom com that wants the audience to cheer for the new happy romance between Ed and Stede, so Izzy is portrayed as the nasty resentful jerk who selfishly stands in the way of his man's new 'true love.' From Izzy's perspective, what he and Ed had was also true love, but the show kicks sand in his face and says, "Sorry, not sorry but your time with Ed is over and Ed's moving out with Pirate Barbie now, so suck it up, loser! LOL." The audience from the start just hates Izzy or laughs at Izzy or both because he behaves awfully and he is standing in the way of Ed and Stede's true love.

  18. I think this is an excellent analysis and only deepens my empathy towards Izzy. He really is just looking out for his captain in the only way he knows how. I also think we are primed to dislike Izzy bc our perspective is from Stede, so of course we sympathize with him.

  19. You know, I love Izzy all to hell and back, but I am always careful not to be too sympathetic towards him because we literally know nothing about his backstory or his relationship with Ed prior to the start of S1. There are a lot of ways one can interpret 'tragic love story.' His feelings for Edward might have been entirely unrequited and one-sided. We know from the episode with Calico Jack that Ed had his 'dalliances' that so maybe Ed had a fling with Izzy that Ed thought was just for sex but Izzy misinterpreted to be love and he clung to that idea ever since. We don't know because the show hasn't told us yet on purpose. So, yes, Izzy definitely feels jilted and cheated on and abandoned, but how justified are those feelings? Dunno. Until proven otherwise by the narrative of the show and not from pure speculation, I take Jenkins' term 'love affair' at face value and assume that there was some sort of emotional connection between Ed and Izzy that has been broken. But still, even if Ed and Izzy had been a real couple and Ed just walked out on Izzy because he's bored, that's still no excuse for how awful Izzy behaves towards people like Lucius, just because Lucius is happy and Izzy is miserable. IRL, people who are miserable can become really bitey and bitchy towards everyone around them, but misery doesn't justify meanness.

  20. True, and I'm not forgiving any of Izzy's toxicity that he portrayed in S1, I'm just saying I can imagine why he may behave the way he does. Izzy isn't in a healthy headspace, I'm just saying that doesn't make him evil. (I don't think you're saying that either, btw)

  21. I need to soothe the ache in my heart of no season 2 for a long time, if it even gets renewed (I'm really hopeful!), so I need reunions first!! But I've seen some AUs and alternate endings that look really good so I defs will!

  22. Hi 👋 You might like the version of Macbeth that came out recently, called

  23. Hii! :) And thanks for this. A Coen production! With Witches!!

  24. Contemporary to the time period in the show--absolutely, it was one of the spiciest things you could ever utter: ultimate fuckery. For modern audiences, it's a little bit more of a Deep Cut, since we've seen creatives step up to the plate of creating even more depraved stories and visual content. The line probably leans more on audiences recognizing Macbeth, Hamlet, Richard III, King Lear all of which have had some very prominent and well-celebrated all-star performances in the past 10 years.

  25. That's very kind of you, and informative! I live for deep cuts, so that's why I appreciate your feedback. I shall look into this, shuffles notes * Titus Andronicus *

  26. I saw the painting as a fragmented and broken sort of thing. That Mary’s perception of them being lighthouse for each other was abstract and in pieces, just like their marriage. I think it comes to represent to stede how broken and abstract his own concept of himself was and what he should have been. I wonder if to Blackbeard it comes to represent how broken stede made him feel. When he looks at it at the end, I think he kept it as a warning. He followed the guiding light of the lighthouse and he ended up “cracking up” on the rocks.

  27. It would also be very on-brand for Picasso to steal a style from a long dead woman and pass it off as his own.

  28. You've definitely landed on something that I think the show wants to explore! The duality (and multiplicity) of the characters is what makes them so fun and intriguing to watch! Just like with actual humans, our characters are 3-dimensional. Is Izzy sometimes the worst? Yes! But, we also understand his motivations, so he's never an outright villain.

  29. I did the same thing, after I saw this!

  30. I've seen so much art depicting this moment that it's now headcanon for me lol

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