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  1. its a good size, as long as you own the land its probably not too bad

  2. Dude was just trying to sell his book

  3. LOL, this game is one of the least P2W games out there. you can smash this game as F2P if you know what is what. We are a chest 12 alliance and 3/4 of us are f2p

  4. You mean least p2w in that genre? There are thousands upon thousands of games that are less p2w than this

  5. I'm sure there are, but as far as mobile games I have played over the last few years it's better than most by a long shot.

  6. Also Musk: "censorship is bad, unless I pay money for someone's silence of course."

  7. Like the flight stewardess, he flashed his nob to and had to pay 250k to

  8. If you grow up in apartheid SA you are unlikely to be liberal

  9. I can't bring myself to hit play. The description alone already has me boiling

  10. im regretting it, but let me tell you that the parents were church-going types and TORTURED this person to death in the worst ways possible

  11. WTAF how? How can you do that to someone?

  12. NTA, but there needs to be some serious intervention here. You had to hold and comfort her while she cried? I can bet you she doesn’t do this nonsense at school. You and your wife need to stop this immediately.

  13. Indeed he is NTA but he is in for a shot storm.once that child becomes a teenager

  14. when you enter Byz era all those factories are replaced anyway.

  15. RPs have nothing to do with your era. I could be no1 in EU1 with a Minoan account.

  16. yes it will but you lose any RP or production items that are in the wonder, it costs you 10% of the gold and food costs to rebuild it

  17. If you have the chance to kill the person raping you, you should definitely do it.

  18. Nope, this wasn’t dolphin rape. The commenter talked about how to identify if a dolphin is aroused and other dolphin genital things. Before he launched into jerking off a dolphin and fingering a dolphin. And other stuff …

  19. Did you see the dolphins having a three-way with an anaconda?

  20. Boris Johnson is a lot like Marmite, half the country hates him and the other half can't wait to stick a knife in him.

  21. Try moving the building and them moving it back again

  22. Avoidance is good enough, to be honest.

  23. I read this in Ralph Wiggum's voice.

  24. Yeah, it was the day I saw that stranger do a drunken handstand on a raised 1st-floor bar and fall onto the dancefloor on his head. Definitely dead

  25. Yes you will, I think at some point you need 12 farms

  26. Funny how America is making laws based on Christian beliefs at the moment.

  27. The best advice would be to join some of the Chiang Mai pet groups and ask in there, animal people know where to go.

  28. Israelis have literally attacked US ships, killing hundreds of US troops and faced no consequences.

  29. You are wrong, they give a shit enough to keep sending them billions of dollars in aid each year

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