1. The Discord invite is on FormD's website, and in the sidebar here I think.

  2. Yeah I was thinking about that. Would much more prefer have it made in metal. Just need to figure out where I could get that done.

  3. There's places like xometry that do it, you send them the file, they make it, and send it to you. Can be pricey though.

  4. I wish they could just sell it as an official part. Totally fine they cut cost by not having it included as a standard, but let people buy it who needs / wants it.

  5. Looks really nice. But personally I instantly lost interest at 19L. Would rather like to see more competition in the 10-12L range.

  6. It is, supposedly, mATX compatible to accomodate the newest generation huuuuuge GPU's.

  7. Nothing wrong with 19L, but there is definitely less competition in the 13-10L space, especially the ones that can room fully fat 3 slot GPUs.

  8. Come on… that is pretty much within the margin error / tolerance of flush.

  9. DLSS3 is looking really awesome, and think it’s such a smarter way of computing that not only now but for the future will increase performance in folds.

  10. Not surprised at all, due to the track record. Intel just tends to perform much better in CPU heavy emulators. Curious to see how the 13tb gen uplift will be.

  11. How many watts does the CPU pull in a Cinebench R23 run? And what score? How are sound / fans?

  12. will run over the next week, posted some benchmarks and temps above at full stress (throttled)

  13. Thanks, looking forward to see. Saw the other CPU-Z test. Definitely too high power draw. You're gonna need to work out what is the limit it can pull without throttling.

  14. It’s shorter length than the 3090/Ti. You mean thickness wise? It’s 61mm which should fit.

  15. Good to see dimensions aren’t bigger at least. But I do wonder what I should do regarding the 4090 when I have a SF750 PSU. Wondering if that will be fine when it’s undervolted, or if I need to upgrade.

  16. Corsair should stop jacking around and release a higher capacity SF PSU. Otherwise, you only have the 850W EVGa GM or the CM V850. I believe Silverstone has a 1000W PSU but that is SFX-L.

  17. I wish they would, and I would totally upgrade it, as I have very good experience with Corsair SF platinum PSUs so far.

  18. This is great, the issue I have with RA in RetroArch is that it keeps logging me out after a few weeks or so. Whereas the implementation by Stenzek in DuckStation it keeps my credentials saved at all times. Hopefully this is the case with PCSX2.

  19. Damn. I’m not familiar with this case, but gotta assume that’s the problem here, if it has too narrow space and sharp edges.

  20. Should be fine. Many builds here using 125w cpu and aircooled.

  21. Yeah, 12700k at 125W here. Black ridge + 120mm Noctua fan, similar cooling as L12S.

  22. Do you have your build posted? I’m also using that same cpu and trying to get cooling ideas and temp estimates lol

  23. I haven’t made a full build update, but you can find most of the info regarding the cooler and performance here:

  24. Any updates that makes windows antivirus go off, I would remove and not install. I use this without triggering AV, but there definitely has been several updates doing so. Seemingly more in the last.

  25. Yeah, I'm in same boat as you. Waiting for this to be available somehow, somewhere, to us general consumers.

  26. While a very good uplift gen on gen, I’m curious how it actually stacks up against intels 12th and 13th gen. Generally speaking Intel has been a much better choice for emulation performance, so I’m curious to see how they stack up.

  27. I was wondering if you'd be up for sharing the model? I'm currently needing to make an SSD smaller like in this post.

  28. I use Retroarch for almost everything, Dreamcast and below. PS2 and above I use stand alone.

  29. Honestly that kind of stuff is what I always enjoyed about Dark Souls. I'm glad the option is there for new players to go level up elsewhere and come back, but grinding against a boss is something that I kinda miss.

  30. I probably just have to get into the right mood again. I really liked Sekiro, which pretty much has no way of getting around / leveling up to make bosses easier, you just have to learn their moves and how to avoided and find openings. Mastering the game this way is extremely satisfying.

  31. I use BR with VLP ram. I hold the fan in place by twist ties. You can find photos in my recent posts.

  32. I’m in between “The Hoarder” and “The tester”. The latter being wanting to test out games before I buy. Too many games I don’t play. Just download, rest a little and then never play again. I support games which I actually would play fully. But also “hoarder” because I like to keep it all in a digital collection, even if I’m not really playing it much, if at all (tons of games I have never played in fact)

  33. I can recommend Black Ridge. Cooling a 12700k (with 120mm Noctua swap and VLP RAM). Should be good enough for 5600X with a 92mm a Noctua.

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