1. So are the 45 days combined into 90 days per refill period. Or is it still two separate 45 day refill periods?

  2. Might be a problem with the state or something. POH menue wont load either

  3. Yes it works, a 1440p @ 120hz signal can pass through hdmi 2.0. I’ve been using this monitor for a couple of weeks has been a huge step up from my old 4K 60 monitor.

  4. Got a 1440p 144hz and still wont allow 120hz at 1440p. Only 120hz 1080

  5. I've tested the M27Q on my Series X and PC for the past 4 days. My findings if you're interested:

  6. Yup. Even the cheap Gigabyte M27Q works fine at 1440p 120hz VRR with the series X. Didn't even have to adjust any settings outside setting the xbox to PC RGB mode.

  7. How would you compare it to the g27q?

  8. Im using it with my Series X and I am very happy with it. I don’t know whether Sony added 1440p support but the monitor supports the PS5 with a [email protected] „console“ mode. You can look it up on the MSI website. If you have any further questions, hit me up.

  9. I also have a series x and am looking into grabbing a gaming monitor for Black Friday. Would you say the MSI is the best available in its price range? Im kind of on a budget but want to still get a good 1440p 120hz monitor that gives a good smooth picture without bleeding. Or are there others similar in price or quality?

  10. T2.. I have only seen it as a T1 a few times. 25-28 seems to be it's sweet spot for me.. (ymmv)

  11. My girl had a chem DD that didn't hit at all as well. Emailed grow ohio. Took 4 business days and two emails. But she was reimbursed.

  12. Hows the high & taste ? Thinking bout grabbing this. Thanks for the pics

  13. Whats it taste like if you can describe

  14. My girl just got the chem dd and it doesn't work. The sunshine kush did however.

  15. Blueberry Cookies(Galenas)x Sunset Sherbert (Woodward). If you can try it 🔥🔥🔥🤤

  16. Nice bit of linalool. Do you feel it coming through

  17. Alot of people dont like smokin that much of the same strain. That plus the amount of days it takes is ridiculous.

  18. Where do you sign up for the drops?

  19. Even most of the tier 1s are great. I got a half of the hy-note and it's right around 19% THC but has great effects,aroma,etc. Better than a lot ot tier 2s I've gotten

  20. This strain reminded me a wittle of old school SourD .. .. nice smoke

  21. Thats funny because i dont really like sour diesel

  22. Nice grab. Was tempted to get this but grabbed Galenas artifact BB 🍪. Was hoping it was more of a indica leaning. Haven't had animal mintz drom any cultivators as of yet.

  23. I saw your EPBC post, almost tempted me to grab some too will next round.

  24. The lemon n berries sounds so good. But i need pics lol

  25. How would you say it compares to OCL laarry Og if you've had it?

  26. Does thier artifact line only come in 5.66 or others weitha as well?

  27. I’m thinking beause I just got their artifact of snowball 5.66

  28. My girls days reset sat and mines sub. Definitely lost if you do grab some.

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