1. If it seats it yeets. For real though if they’re in spec it’s mix and match. I don’t think I’ve ever had the same BCG and barrel manufacturer. I just drop a BCM bcg into it and run it.

  2. MultiCam. It’s not sexy or rare but it works and if they make gear, they’ll probably make it in MultiCam.

  3. I have two ifaks on my kit and spare heavy bleed stuff. Never would have thought of damn bandaids. Thanks brother.

  4. All the little first aid kit stuff is a must. Band aids, foot powder, moleskin, lip balm, small medications (especially anti diarrheal and pain reliever). I also recommend keeping a small cut down toothbrush and a section of dental floss.

  5. If price isn’t a huge obstacle then I’d be looking at Kifaru. If you’re set on that much gear/weight then you want their frame and padding, etc.

  6. I got them for free with the rest, I wanted some fingerless gloves! Originally I was gonna get the leather ones but out of stock. :p

  7. I’d take full leather over them. Fingerless gloves are pointless. Gloves protect your hands and fingerless gloves don’t protect 50% of your hands.

  8. Better than running out of ammo cause your bitty micro rig holds a mag and a half…

  9. Apps are dumbs and electronic are powered by demons.

  10. Mod button and the DS00 tailcap. The DS00 has a switch on the back so if you want constant just switch it on. Then the mod button runs the light at full power.

  11. Thanks bud, Idk why but I was thinking of putting it on my right side, if I needed to unsheathe it my right hand would probably be occupied

  12. Off hand side is always good for knife, though it mostly just a tool. Ain’t nobody getting knife kills.

  13. At the end of the day looking cool is all that matters 😎

  14. “There's a story going around 'bout how some twenty Redcoats got killed by a ghost or some damn thing, carried a Cherokee tomahawk.”

  15. Aren’t you a little old to be believing ghost stories?

  16. Minimum quantities. When you're making gear or having it made, you have to make a minimum usually. The demand for hunting camo gear isn't that large so you'd have to make bunch and then they'd sit. By doing military camos/colors you have a larger target market and will sell more.

  17. I couldn’t pass the offer, thing is in good condition and cheap

  18. It’s a good pack, full stop. There’s a reason they still see use by people.

  19. It’s a totally normal sized tomahawk guys. Actually it’s really the average size, movies just have big tomahawks in them.

  20. Training is the time to absorb info and dry fire practice is the time to test gear/combinations out. I'd focus on taking what's required and dedicate the class time to really learning the skills, so you can practice them later and add your kit in.

  21. This makes sense. Thanks for the insight. I used to be a flight instructor and we had a similar ethos. Test the gadgets on your own time not during a lesson learning new concepts

  22. You bet. I’ve been super guilty in the past of dicking with a strap or buckle and completely missing what the instructor was saying.

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