1. You know, you’re responding a lot without answering my questions.

  2. You’re not casting much doubt on Dr. Little’s contention if you can’t answer those questions you know. And it doesn’t quite appear you listened to Dr Little — he doesn’t say there was zero written texts prior to 200 years later whatsoever. But what he does point out, which is inarguable, is that there is a massive explosion of written hadiths around that time. If these were real traditions going back to Muhammad, then there obviously must have been a huge proportion of these traditions orally floating around for about two centuries.

  3. It is a bit revolting but you could ask her if she agrees with Khomeiny and Sistani on the risk of harm to minor "adults".

  4. As an iranian girl born of a shia family, reading these laws shocked me to my core. My mom always presented Khomenei as some sort of Messiah and amazing person...

  5. The most recent statistics available are 2014. Out of 80.000.000 population 176 marriages under the age of 10 is a small percentage. But still....

  6. I am sorry to hear it was unsettling to you. I guess there is no pleasant way to learn the truth. I do think people should hear the truth.

  7. Consider alerting a women's shelter for advice and/or the authorities. Honour-killings have happened, but a visit by a councellor or police officers may make them acutely aware of being the first suspects.

  8. You're here for recovery and discussion? Are you sure you are disapproving of Islam as a system while respecting Muslims' freedom to practice their religion? In what way are you not close to Muslim-hate? Rather than disapproval of Islam?

  9. I'd say that's a good representation of my beliefs. I respect moderate muslims who keep the religion on a personal level. I have many friends like this. I'm mainly against the intertwining of islam and politics and its obsession with spreading around the world.

  10. It is fair to say that most ex-muslims want Islam to be smaller and not involved in so much law-making in countries.

  11. If the fatwas by the dar-al-ifta al Misriyyah are in error why not ask them to be changed? Al-Azhar and the Dar-Al-Ifta have a reputation to uphold and if you find a serious error I am sure they will not mind changing it.

  12. The earth is a ball spinning at many km/h and gravity keeps us on it.

  13. Although religions does not necessarily dictate all aspects of life it is a big part of daily life, So it can put the brakes on things that are bad. Religions can also actively pursue persecuting other religions etc. so they can also recommend bad behaviour.

  14. This is about the Quran, not "mainstream islam." There is no such thing as concensus; that's just a word an institution uses to impose a political decision in Egypt, Saudi, Iraq, Iran, etc. I am not part of an institution to be a minority. Islam belongs to the believers, not to any organization. What you are referring to is not Islam; you're referring the institutions that use reports and interpretations to "erase" verses from the Quran, change the conditions of marriage (2,3, and 4 wives, the issue you raised...), the rules of inheritance, etc. You may choose to believe that these institutions control the majority of muslims, but I think that the majority is silent, with little knowledge about what's going on behind the scenes, and how Islam has been hijacked by the institutions.

  15. The great moderator in the sky has some uptight underlings? Sinning with a "kaffir" must be the best... it is like kicking a kaffir down to hell while attaining lift-off power oneself.

  16. Bottom up I suppose. People aren’t inherently zealots it’s more to do with the insular community in Birmingham which then perpetuates the fundamentalism.

  17. The situation is dire in Birmingham

  18. On a positive note: you can be a kind and caring person irrespective of a major religion (I'm sure there are some tiny religious groups that are too extreme, but in most major religions you can).

  19. Idk about Aisha but I’ve read somewhere that momo got raped once and it was so painful he became sore. Maybe they used his rape story and added some stuff to it.

  20. I wouldn’t continue to bother with this person. They’re a troll from exmuslim

  21. The hadiths are just a distraction from what is wrong with the Quran and how it reflects its time.

  22. Ask-Me-Anythings tend to live very briefly nowadays.......before turning into Ask-My-A**hole as they run away.

  23. Is it Ali ibn abi talib that you have mention or another person? cause as far as I know he was known to be loyal to his first wife fatima daughter of muhammad and only married multiple wives after she passed away

  24. Ali may not have had a nikka until after Fatima died, but that does not mean he may not have occasionally had his way with a slave. I am not 100% certain this Ali is his son-in-law, but I do think so. I am also not certain if it is before or after he married Fatima, but sending to Yemen may indicate after Fatima. The Arabian peninsula took some time.

  25. Shia people really respect Ali and ahl bait and growing up the hadiths and stories I have heard of him was always about his wisdom and righteousness and have never heard anything bad about him as most of his children and descendants were persecuted for standing up against the caliphs after him. So I'm curious if has done anything like that. Yesterday was his birthday and father's day for shias.

  26. Believers will start embellishing anything a person of worship does. This will also start acting as a protective cover around a person of worship.

  27. Is this the seerah's variation on the old "I have to confess to you my wife. I slept with many other females, I lusted after even more females and then went home to have my way with any wife." "That's alright my husband...now lie back and let the poison do its work."?

  28. Muhammed revealed things that directly benefited himself. He had intercourse with a 9 year old t benefit himself. The religion subsequently allowed fathers to hand over minors for consummation which harmed many young girls over the centuries. The Quran cannot be from Allah because Allah would not want to harm minor girls.

  29. Was Aisha handed over as a minor? Considered too young to have consent? Too young to be able to understand the risks of intercourse at 9?

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