1. I think their "Tub o'" line of products offer the best bang for the buck in the program.

  2. This is the most likely scenario. You need to get a lead test on your incoming water supply. In the interim do not allow employees to drink it.

  3. There are state regulations on particular TYPES of swag but not all types. I was told it could not be a wearable item like a shirt or hat and all of it has to be approved by somebody at the state level before it can be distributed.

  4. I was told something similar by the people at the dispensary; however, my friend wrote to Willie's and got a t shirt. 😵‍💫

  5. Willie's Reserve is a national brand/license so they don't have to conform to Ohio's rules or regulations.

  6. You honestly think Nan Whaley is going to be our next governor? We keep 1 of 2 rounds of signatures instead of restarting back to 0 of 2 rounds.

  7. No. I know Mike DeWine is going to be the governor in 2023, 2024, 2025 and 2026. I also know at 75 years old this upcoming term will be his final term in politics and he is therefore no longer beholden to any of his current positions or constituents. So when a stripped down pro-monopoly anti-citizen recreational marijuana bill passed by a Republican legislature comes across his desk he will sign it. The exact same way his predecessor John Kasich did with medical marijuana. How has that turned out for Ohio patients?

  8. DeWine will never sign a recreational bill and besides, the GOP will not present one.

  9. John Kasich will never sign a medical bill and besides, the GOP will not present one.

  10. No thanks. I will stick with Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol's ballot initiative.

  11. Let them sit on it. On May 28th we can start collecting signatures and let Ohioans decide at the ballot box.

  12. Reminds me of the legal faux weed you would see in the back of old school High Times.

  13. If the July date is missed. There’s another month to collect the remaining signatures to get it on the 2023 ballot.

  14. We want this on the 2022 ballot because of the voter turn-out.I believe this is our last best chance and we need to do everything possible to get this done.

  15. I am going to second this. Strong lemon flavor, better than most cure and kicks like a mule.

  16. That can't be. The politicians assured us that when they passed THEIR monopoly the prices would be affordable. I guess to be fair they did go from astronomical at the beginning of the program to merely exorbitant over 4 years on.

  17. The irony here is that people complain about the chems in this weed but then combust their weed and inhale smoke..agree shouldnt be there but dont act all high and mighty here

  18. The real irony is the OMMCP declaring vaporization is the only acceptable use of flower due to health concerns regarding combustion. Then allowing licensees to soak that same flower in hazardous chemicals to be ingested via vaporization.

  19. tbf you have no idea what is in the buckets though. Chances are it's just straight water and hydrogen peroxide (which is a safe and accepted way to remediate this shit but it is no way in a every day cultivation practice). No way they are dunking in ZeroTol or citric acid mixture for hanging/drying. If they are, their license should be suspended.

  20. Death Star is on the shelves and has been for a while with Galenas That's No Moon. It is Death Star with a different name. Also, Standard Wellness has Death Star, Ohio Clean Leaf has DStar Kush, and POW has DStar. All of which are Death Star.

  21. No. At the time of my original post no cultivator had Death Star released for sale. Galenas released a very limited batch. The flower sold by Standard and POW is not based off the original cut of Death Star bred by Team Death Star.

  22. Corrupt politicians helping corrupt businessman expand corruption in a system already teeming with corruption.

  23. I no longer purchase any products from Firelands Scientific. In my opinion their flower is cut too early, dried too quickly and cured very poorly. All of which results in poor medicine. Their employees social media interactions also leave a lot to be desired.

  24. What about the case of the French onion dip powder? It’s sold as a powder to be mixed in sour cream. Surely their stance and policy of consuming it isn’t “eat spoonfuls of dip powder.” They really went out of their way to over regulate the dog shit out of this program. So much for republicans being small government. Never voting for one of those obstructionists again.

  25. Again any attempt to alter a product for consumption beyond what it is sold as is considered processing. You can verify this information with an email to

  26. So sorry for offending everyone with my question. Like I said I have severe anxiety and I also have rejection dysphoria. The reason I asked the question is because someone was upset with me. 🥲🥲🥲

  27. No need to apologize. The program itself is confusing and counterintuitive by design.

  28. As long as the majority of consumers keep buying only high THC strains you can expect this trend to continue.

  29. Is it the grower, or the dispensary that sets the price? I’ve seen Galenas 1/10’s as much as $50 and as low as $40 without any sale savings (all too much, IMO) depending upon the dispensary.

  30. It's a very good indica but I don't believe $200 a half can ever be justified. I picked up a half of their Electric Peanut Butter Cookies last week for $149 which in my opinion is the better strain.

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