1. Corrupt politicians helping corrupt businessman expand corruption in a system already teeming with corruption.

  2. I no longer purchase any products from Firelands Scientific. In my opinion their flower is cut too early, dried too quickly and cured very poorly. All of which results in poor medicine. Their employees social media interactions also leave a lot to be desired.

  3. What about the case of the French onion dip powder? It’s sold as a powder to be mixed in sour cream. Surely their stance and policy of consuming it isn’t “eat spoonfuls of dip powder.” They really went out of their way to over regulate the dog shit out of this program. So much for republicans being small government. Never voting for one of those obstructionists again.

  4. Again any attempt to alter a product for consumption beyond what it is sold as is considered processing. You can verify this information with an email to

  5. So sorry for offending everyone with my question. Like I said I have severe anxiety and I also have rejection dysphoria. The reason I asked the question is because someone was upset with me. 🥲🥲🥲

  6. No need to apologize. The program itself is confusing and counterintuitive by design.

  7. As long as the majority of consumers keep buying only high THC strains you can expect this trend to continue.

  8. Is it the grower, or the dispensary that sets the price? I’ve seen Galenas 1/10’s as much as $50 and as low as $40 without any sale savings (all too much, IMO) depending upon the dispensary.

  9. It's a very good indica but I don't believe $200 a half can ever be justified. I picked up a half of their Electric Peanut Butter Cookies last week for $149 which in my opinion is the better strain.

  10. It's the way that the software they use is set-up. When they enter a product it sometimes pulls from an old SKU in the system which is why you are seeing it as Calyx Peak.

  11. That depends. If it’s a batch that’s testing outside of the initial variance, they have to purchase a whole new product ID to register it to. Lower or higher THC, it has to be registered as a separate product. But yes if the quality hasn’t changed at all or at least very little it could still come up with the old ID.

  12. Correct but the honus falls on the person doing the data entry at that level to pull the correct SKU. From everything I have seen with the IHeartJane system it is an absolute mess in regards to databasing. I have heard complaints from lots of patients who ordered online from bad SKUs with different THC numbers and getting home to find out what they got is not what they thought they were getting.

  13. There are a handful of strains from the haze family like GrowOhio's Super Lemon Haze. There have been a few different batches of Trainwreck from multiple growers also. And at one time Ancient Roots has an Amnesia strain named Aisenma.

  14. Thanks for replying. I usually try most anything with haze in the name and will watch for those others.

  15. No problem. Don't hesitate to ask your budtender as well also, they should be able to help you navigate all the lineages and Ohio name changes.

  16. Won't be happening anytime soon. Most of the strains being listed take longer to properly grow, have lower THC numbers and provide lower yields for growers. The cultivators in our program want the exact opposite they want a quick flowering, 25% THC, heavy yielding hybrid. This is true especially of the smaller growers who the state refuses to allow expansion to.

  17. It's good that BR is addressing the issue. It's bad that BR waited until the social media backlash became as loud as it did. It's good that BR has identified the cause of the issue. It's bad that they are only offering partial refunds and only if they have never refunded you before.

  18. They still only offer partial compensation, have released products in the defective packaging since they've recognized it's a problem, etc. If it's only happened once or twice I could understand the response but at this point they should recall the whole lot

  19. Well you can't expect them to eat the cost of all that left over defective packaging. /s

  20. They should do a recall and use insurance and claim a loss. There are other ways to do this besides fucking the patients.

  21. They should toss all the defective packaging and issue a total refund on all complaints and absorb the loss as a cost of doing business.

  22. He will be re-elected by a healthy margin because the Democratic Party in Ohio can't get out of their own way.

  23. That sucks. Their Sunset Sherbet was easily the most consistent and well produced flower in the program.

  24. At least they noted it and decreased the price. I have seen other cultivators sell it at full price and make no mention when they were well aware the product was seeded.

  25. These will be great for cancer patients and those in palliative care. When I was on chemo I would vomit nearly non-stop. All of the anti-emetic medications gave me terrible side effects. I would have gladly stuck a cannabis suppository up my ass at that point.

  26. Have you tried the Buckeye Relief Kel's Orange Soda yet? I am generally not a BR fan but I was blown away by it.

  27. Most doctors write your initial fill 90 days and then 3 90 day refills. So your recommend is likely 360 days. The card itself is valid 365 days so in reality your referral will likely expire 5 days before your card does.

  28. So basically the total cost to renew and get to use your card at the dispensary again would be $150? Thanks for the info :)

  29. Yes. Different doctors charge more for renewals but Ohio Cannabis Connection was the cheapest I found at $99.

  30. I see stuff about caregivers all over the reddit, could anyone elaborate what exactly that is for me? And I agree 1000% , we should definitely be able to home grow, especially if they are putting something on the flower.

  31. In Ohio terms a Caregiver is a person authorized to purchase products from a dispensary on behalf of the patient. So say you are immune compromised and are unable to leave your home, you could assign your partner as your caregiver and then they could go buy your medicine in from a dispensary.

  32. I agree. Home grow without a caregiver or grow co-op system will only really benefit maybe 5-10% of the patients in the system. It would have little to no impact on the growers or dispensaries and pricing would hold steady.

  33. Why is Woodward considered one of the best cultivators here but can’t grow more?

  34. Take it up with Board of Pharmacy and the Department of Commerce. Fire Rock desperately wants to triple their growing space and provide more medicine to patients. The State of Ohio doesn't feel the same way.

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