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  1. Why does this have to specify Tesla? Why not just a driver.

  2. It's relevant. Auto pilot enables stupid behavior.

  3. Our family will adopt him! We have a big backyard and we also have the Fox Preserve.

  4. Please get a hold of OP if you actually can take care of this good boy. He deserves a good home.

  5. You never stop until, my final breath is gone.

  6. Hell yeah! You can get overpriced coffee for less, but still overpriced!

  7. Thank goodness the doctors don’t get to decide what the law is.

  8. I sure do love when BIG GOVERNMENT gets in between doctors and their patients.

  9. Tell my dipshit neighbor and his notion that "you can't control a forest" as he lets poison ivy and honeysuckle grow fucking everywhere. I sprayed the poison ivy across the property line and he got mad at me. He's gonna be even more mad when I start spraying that honeysuckle at night.

  10. If you're spraying across property lines, you're an asshole and a shitty neighbor.

  11. IUDs and birth control prevent fertilization from occurring in the first place. So if it never happens then life doesn't begin, according to this stupid ass bill.

  12. IUDs are a bit of a gray area because they can prevent implantation of a fertilized egg, which would be banned from this bill if I'm reading correctly.

  13. You're correct. These legislative fucks need to fuck off.

  14. Lawn care is a facade, is wasteful, and kills many other natural species worth way more than grass.

  15. It's in the final few pages. It's anything that would stop a pregnancy after fertilization. I'm not familiar enough with different types of contraceptives (not a doctor and am ignorant dude) to say what would or wouldn't fall under the ban.

  16. Contraception prevents fertilization from occurring.

  17. dude, if you're 26 and don't have any RL friends with a car that thinks you're trustworthy or worth the effort to take to the test, maybe you should evaluate that? maybe be a better friend yourself in the future? maybe its the universe telling you your priorities have been off for the last decade? pandemic is kinda an iffy excuse for that bigger picture...

  18. Employees will need all the assistance they can get with Kroger's shitty wages.

  19. This is disingenuous at best. Where's the source on this? Doubt they have one.

  20. There is very clearly a tag on its right foot which is an indicator that it's a pet.

  21. TQL is an awful company with a horrible culture. Do not work for them if you value your time and sanity.

  22. Poisonous if consumed. As long as you aren't eating or smoking it in large amounts, you're fine. Touching can cause mild skin irritation.

  23. I would go to a different BMV honestly. They don't pay well so many employees just don't give a shit. It also could be an issue with training. This varies with location of course. Some are better than others.

  24. That guy is a piece of shit. Also you should contact an employment lawyer and sue him.

  25. I'm from California but I've been in Ohio for about 25 years. I do enjoy pointing out to the locals the Ohio has the most astronauts of any state. They usually smile with some pride that they've accomplished something as an ohioan. Then I point out the basic fact that the reason Ohio has the most astronauts is because people can't get far enough away from Ohio that they have to go into space and or land on the Moon.

  26. Everyone is big mad at your comment but Ohio is such a political shit hole. It doesn't matter how beautiful the state is. People don't want to come here because of how off the rails Ohio has become. The only redeeming quality Ohio has is affordable real estate.

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