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  1. It’s a troll lol. The comments about getting hacked sounds like the OSRS (Runescape) meme where people black out random information in a screenshot so people can’t “hack” them.

  2. Some people don't understand 4chan is satire and take everything said literally. This is where

  3. Basically every person that has interacted with him thinks he's a god damn moron. I just can't wrap my head around people obsessing over this guy.

  4. When you're a fucking moron, you relate to fucking morons.

  5. Pretty hard to argue with any of those specs.

  6. I'm commenting to come back and award you for this comment. Slayed me.

  7. Thanks for sharing! They are all absolutely beautiful!

  8. The Arizona GOP has some awful people in it, and she is easily one of the worst.

  9. LOL, i didn’t say an M car competes with a Kia. I said, and I quote,

  10. The current state of Subaru leaves much to be desired has been a far truer statement though.

  11. Reporting to HR is the absolute must here. They can't do anything to you after you do. If they try to pull anything, you lawyer up and they will absolutely have a field day with these text messages. You can't fire whistleblowers for sexual harassment. There are laws protecting you from that. Absolutely any action they take against her will be seen as creating a hostile work environment as retaliation for her going to HR. She basically has a golden ticket to do whatever she wants for now on.

  12. why is any 100 year old working at a job? how sound can their mental capacity be

  13. It's against the law to discriminate against a person for being old and also any handicaps.

  14. Then they're probably making the laws that keep themselves from getting fired.

  15. About time they started banning toxic people. We certainly have been reporting enough.

  16. I don't get the hate. Got it in silver and the car is fantastic. Congrats!

  17. I mean, some people think the PT Cruiser, Nissan Juke, Nissan Cube and Scion xB look good... so it's fair to say different strokes for different folks. At the same time if you combine a PT, Juke, Cube and xB you get the Toyota Rumion which is way uglier than any of them alone.

  18. Now it looks like a new Honda civic 🤣🤣

  19. Civic Sport and Corolla Sports should not have mated.

  20. Jesus Christ. Woot staff trying to justify this by saying it comes with windows ten PRO so totally worth it.

  21. Woot has good prices on Cold Steel knives but when it comes to kershaw they're never best in slot pricing. I don't even bother looking up their prices because they've never once ever had something worth buying for kershaw price wise. Now a $40 S35vn cold steel knife? Absolutely.

  22. How do you find knives on there? The stupid site doesn't have a search bar

  23. There aren't any of value on there right now. They post new items everyday so I just sort by newest items each day. there's really no better way.

  24. Never heard of anyone doing that ever for something like this.

  25. Tells you everything you need to know about what she thinks prison will be like.

  26. Spanish kuku is my favorite skin to piss off everyone.

  27. Any skin that destroys my ability to glance at a god and know who it is gets my blood boiling. So, basically 60% of the skins released in the past couple years.

  28. Switching from player names to god names was one of the best things I ever did.

  29. It's still there,but Wildwood NJ (about 40 minutes away) has a better one

  30. Better is the biggest under estimate I've ever seen. Wildwood has a ton of stuff to do. Atlantic city is where you go to get robbed at night.

  31. Gotta keep some shoobies our of Wildwood lol. Bur yes Wildwood is the best. Spend the day on the beach or go to the boardwalk. Go bar hoping at night in Anglesea

  32. I grew up in wildwood. It is nowhere near as nice as it was when I was a kid, but what is? What's really depressing is the house my grandmother owned is now a hotel. That entire island is going to look like atlantic city soon enough sadly. I like looking at the old broken down bridge we used to cross to get into wildwood that you would pray everytime that you didn't die because it was so ghetto and old. Also remember the first gas station on the island being shut down for so long that the 75 cent gas was still on the sign. Ah memories. The beach has shrunk a lot. If you go to 2nd street they lost so much damn beach from the last few hurricanes. I'm not even sure wildwood will exist by the time my daughter is my age.

  33. That’s the gamble. I wonder what the new Nano or Verge will be. I’m probably holding one Ngl

  34. Because we can afford nice things and have taste unlike your ugly ass ebay airsoft. 🤡Ya dumb clown

  35. Everyone here has been calling you ATF since you posted this. Are you really that much of a smooth brain you couldn't come up with something on your own? 😂

  36. The Democrats are running someone who has had four heart attacks?

  37. Hope you don't have winter where you live. If you do... RIP.

  38. In reference to your price, I bought mine from Woot in December for $299 refurbished. They just had it for sale on

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