1. i had my ps1 for about a year before I sold it, worked perfect and always gave good hits it’s worth it imo if you’re an everyday cart user

  2. Would you say the big rips you get are compareable to a dab or just ripping a cart for a long time like smoothness wise

  3. yea when you have two decent carts in it it feels like a whole dab tbh

  4. they stopped making these like 2 yrs ago

  5. they’re made by the bare company if I’m correct they’re always posting them on their telegram

  6. u got a deal for 2 bunk ass carts and some noodle juice in a pinocchio jar

  7. yea bro don’t hit that this packaging was discontinued 1-2 yrs ago and it’s on dhgate only now

  8. you could transfer the wax into a new cart or put it on something you could eat and eat it

  9. here in nm it’s 70-80 for a half g

  10. half the sub is dumb af these are real tho bro

  11. charge it for like 15 mins first then see if it hits if it does, fully charge it for an hr

  12. looks like a legit Oklahoma cart their packaging is usually like this

  13. I can't answer that but it looks like a black market california brand, so most likely the oil they put in hasn't been tested (pesticides) and will be cut with something to maximize profits.

  14. this is actually a real licensed cali brand and this looks like a real one from their newest batch u should be good .

  15. Their website has no information on licensing or lab testing and was literally generated from a Wix website template. No batch/manufacture information, just a qr code which can be faked. Sketchy af, and for a reason.

  16. idk they’re in a lot of legit cali dispensaries and last time I checked their license was still active but that was a few months ago so who knows

  17. https://www.dhgate.com/product/new-puff-bar-disposable-vape-pens-device/519442787.html

  18. those arent the right flavors for that packaging that’s the old flavors they had w the old packaging

  19. yea lol and the boxes look a little thick too the real ones are usually slim like the ones on ur pic

  20. the gummies might be fake packaging, ive had the big chief gummies in this same packaging only difference was mine said 100mg instead of the 500mg not too sure if there’s fake packaging on them tho

  21. Thank you so much! I usually hit it around 2.6 - 3.4 but it literally just burned I guess

  22. i recommend keeping any kind of cured/live resin at 2.2-2.6 max thats what works for me at least, give it a try tho if u want

  23. yea the one u got is, the brand isn’t tho

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