I just demanded that my doctor provide me with prescription pain killers before my colposcopy. Ladies, we need to start getting mean with doctors.

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  1. Seek out an Elder and ask for culturally appropriate methods of practice.

  2. Honestly, while I am all for most fuck the government gatherings, I do not buy the argument that abortion is under serious threat in Canada - I know you all will differ and thats fine

  3. When he said as old as 30, I was like okay rude as fuck, and then he said young as 18, and then I was like okay so you’re also gross. I am in no way shape or form saying what his wife did was good, like fuck her for being a habitual liar AND cheater but he gives off these vibes 😬

  4. I think for me the bad vibes really started amping up around the time he talked about her “odour” and how she never tried to fix it for him. Barf…and I’m not referring to any odour that was (and most likely wasn’t) coming from the wife.

  5. I don’t know if this is true, but are there other places like the 3 we have that are private? I’m not sure. I also know that the USA, at least up until yesterday, you can actually order abortion medication online? Is that a thing

  6. You can get medical abortion medication in Canada from a pharmacist. I’m not sure how easily accessible getting it by mail is. But keep in mind medical abortion medication is for women who are 9 weeks pregnant, so time is of the essence. Having to wait for the mail to arrive, or travel to a town with a pharmacy that might not even carry the medication…that’s a pretty big gamble. Think of women that have no access to vehicles, who live in remote northern locations in Alberta. Abortion is not nearly as accessible as we Canadians like to pride ourselves on, unfortunately.

  7. Will do - I'm currently looking into how to hold one if I can't find one already happening

  8. Could you also send me a message if you find out? I don’t have social media so it’s difficult to find out about protests and stuff. I would really appreciate any info you end up finding out!

  9. He will go back to working in close contact with the AP everyday.

  10. I really like this comment above, and hope you read it OP! I think that it really negates the blame describing your husband as weak. He wasn’t strong armed into his decision to cheat, and his strength or weakness is irrelevant. What is relevant, though, are your feelings regarding his place of work. It’s okay for you to admit that you are uncomfortable with him working with her…you don’t need to identify that it’s because he is weak or she is manipulative. In my opinion, you are 100% allowed to be definitive in this situation without giving justification beyond simply “it makes me uncomfortable after you cheated”.

  11. I mean obviously Op has something against Mary and has something for Jake … fucking dogs know it from a mile away.

  12. Luckily for every woman on this planet your proximity to marriage within the workplace does not equate to your own personal marriage.

  13. The groom couldn’t stop telling the bridesmaid how gorgeous she looked? Quit your fucking bullshit. Just because you wish this would happen doesn’t mean it did. The embellishment in this ridiculous story actually has my blood boiling. What a petty and pathetic woman.

  14. Do you need a bestie to go to dog parks & share accessories with? Because I could certainly use a friend with this stellar collection ;)

  15. I have experienced this, but to a lesser degree because I haven’t had the opportunity to interact with many other Métis folks other than my own family.

  16. Even if the motives of the company are unethical, your participation doesn’t fall under the same unethical banner. We need to see more women, especially BIPOC women, in STEM and other male dominated fields. Putting yourself out there might encourage other women to enter your field, and in my opinion, that’s a win!

  17. Well you hung out with her knowing how she treats people in a romantic relationship

  18. Complicit in what? She didn’t watch a murder take place. She allowed someone to live their life and make their totally legal choices. We are in charge of no one’s morality but our own.

  19. LOL. Yeah, but women are held to much higher standards.

  20. It certainly is…after having lived in Bowness during the 2013 floods, I seem to be having some previously unrealized anxiety about the possibility of this river flooding.

  21. Get tickets to the chuckwagon races and the evening show. Seriously. Do it. People travel from all over the world to come to the Stampede, and you’d be missing out on an incredible experience if you didn’t! You’re here anyway, it just makes sense! I see others have suggested the rodeo, which is a good alternative…but keep in mind that it can be an extremely hot, tiring day sitting in the grandstands (sometimes it’s like, 27 degrees with no shade), and if you’re not “into” rodeo, it might not be as cool of an experience as you might hope. But the chucks and grandstand show are truly world-class! I hope you enjoy your short time in our city!

  22. I just learned Darren was involved with eight. Super disappointed.

  23. I’ve seen this “Darren” person mentioned throughout this threat. Who is he and what on earth did he do?

  24. I couldn't figure out if you were talking about "The Boys" or "The Morning Show", but the fact that there's so many "redeemed rapist" possibilities is disturbing as hell.

  25. Did they do a redemption arc in season two of The Morning Show?? I didn’t feel like the show should have had a season 2, so I didn’t bother to watch it. And now I’m really glad that was my decision.

  26. I used to get bad anxiety before dental cleanings. It caused me to clench my jaw and giggle at times during the cleaning which is probably unpleasant for the hygienist as well. When I told my dentist that I have anxiety disorder but don't regularly take meds he said, "No problem! Before your cleanings or any fillings, call my office and I will write you an rx for a few Valium. I want you to be comfortable." I wish all doctors were as caring as him. My obgyn spoke to me about getting my tubes tied and when I asked about pain management she said she doesn't write any hyrocodone for that. I said forget it.

  27. I had my tubes removed last Thursday. I was prescribed 12 T3s. They weren’t enough, and luckily I had 10 leftover from another surgery a few years ago I was also able to use. I would have thrown myself off a building without a light narcotic to help with the pain after the procedure. I also had an IUD inserted at the same time, which caused a ton of vagina bleeding and cramping. Like, seriously—thank god you Noped out of that situation. And fuck that doctor.

  28. I had one without reading anything about it beforehand. Doctor said it wouldn’t hurt and a nurse told me to take a Tylenol an hour before. Not only was the pain excruciating, I also began to cry because of how invasive it felt, and how awful the doctor was being. They took multiple cuts of tissue and as I cried the doctor told me it didn’t hurt. I left the office and sat on a curb in the parking lot for about half an hour after. Not because of just the pain, but for how horrible it felt all the way through and how ill prepared I was for it. And I bled the rest of the day too ✌️

  29. How long ago was this? I thought it was a really, really long time ago that it was “believed” the cervix couldn’t feel pain. But it couldn’t have been that long, because here you are, typing this horror story out on the internet.

  30. My wife is an Oilers nut. From experience, Oilers fans are loud, loyal, and will occassionally talk about Draisatl in their sleep. This negative behavior can be avoided by showing your wife the following games:

  31. Hello OP, I’m the wife! And I’ve gotta tell you—there isn’t much that will sway your wife from being an Oilers fan. She’s destined for glory…you on the other hand, can join my husband for a round of golf while her and I watch our team in the playoffs ;)

  32. People change. And it sounds like you’re changing for the better! You might not feel like it atm, but you still have so much growing to do. You’re going to keep changing and developing and becoming a better version of yourself! And I really hope your friends are able to do the same, but unfortunately we don’t all go down roads of self actualization and growth. Sounds like they might be a bit stunted.

  33. New York is the thinner kind, right? I like that better than the pizza that’s really chunky (Chicago deep dish?).

  34. amelia’s brain tumor felt like such a cop out to me. i always thought she had BPD, with her impulsiveness and drug use and attachment issues she felt sooo borderline to me, writing it off as a brain tumor thing feels ridiculous!

  35. RIGHT?! As if a brain tumour is the only way to possibly explain how someone could be successful and intelligent and also emotionally unstable and reactive…

  36. Shnurgle. Not sure what it means, but it’s the first thing that came to mind. Also, you gotta say it in a nasaley voice.

  37. That’s the down payment on his next textbook!

  38. His online textbook which he will lose access to after 13 months!

  39. I know how you feel. I moved from a small, rural town to a big city when I was 17, and accidentally put myself into some very unsafe situations because I didn't know better. Like walking home from the club at 2am because we only lived a half mile away, but that was one of the most terrifying walks ever.

  40. Thanks, I will check out that device! It’s so fucked to that we have to monitor our own behaviour to ensure our safety. Like, I monitor my behaviour by not walking into traffic so I don’t get hit by a car. But not walking at night, because we fear that we might be sexually assaulted? Why do my actions have to be modified based on what a man might do? They should modify THEIR behaviour and just not harass or assault women. It makes me so angry. Drunk girls should be able to stumble home from the bar, with the only concern being “oh no, I scraped my knee”, not, “I can’t believe I wasn’t raped or murdered”.

  41. I hear ya. I've had two men try to pull some bullshit on me while I was at my car. One was about 1 ft taller than me and quite big/beefy. It wouldn't have taken much for him to over power me. The other I could've crushed like the idiotic bug that he was.

  42. That is such a good idea, the group 911, rather than relying on one single person to answer...and you’re right. It can’t be our problem anymore. God knows I’m getting tired.

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