Our 10 YO Tibetan Mastiff before he was processed last year

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  1. This new gen and the face tattoo😥😥😥

  2. He got caught touching a teenager. Nobody talks to him anymore

  3. Exactly, which is one of the things that led me towards being vegetarians and maybe vegan one day. As soon as you realise that most livestock is as smart or smarter than the animals we keep as pets, the justifications start to break down a bit. Even chickens are intelligent and social animals, despite being bloody minded little shits.

  4. Your heating back spit and food which is absolutely disgusting. Stop treating your nickels like manhole covers

  5. Crack head shit on here sometimes…

  6. some of these are famous Nardo, big30, bigscarr , babytron, babyfaceray, faygo and kaycyy

  7. They all done people. Paid lawyer or not. Crash dummies, all of them

  8. You thought you could just walk in to a dispo?

  9. Chris and his impressions are the absolute worst.

  10. Please don’t compare the two. One is Black market. One is not

  11. Howard in his underpants bald. He wasn’t a creep or anything

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