1. The only source that represents my belief well is my own arguments, so I'm going to just give you the pro-choice argument:

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  3. Because they want to minimize the impact on the pregnant person's body.

  4. I think they are meaning there is a large "club" of women who have similar experiences with men like that.

  5. I'm curious what this person thinks racism is.

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  7. You'll never convince those who believe human life has inherent value, not that value is granted based on capability.

  8. Are you seriously disagreeing with using lethal force in self-defence against rape? This is something women are usually too scared to do because they'd probably be charged with murder despite the rape because no one believes rape victims.

  9. Holy shit. Is it seriously 41%? That's insanely high.

  10. Apparently, he was doing a memorial walk. Said something about an old partner or such who died. Said he was going to places where they sparred or whatever. The fact he had an ankle bracelet on deterred my worries, because at least the police know where he is and where he has been.

  11. So he's got a katana, he's going through a lot, and he has an ankle monitor on.

  12. I'm sorry, the joke was just.... Right there. I couldn't help myself.

  13. Religious people are pro-life due to propaganda, not their religion. Their gods commit genocide and terminate pregnancies all the time.

  14. Ok but their susceptibility to propaganda may very well be because of doctrine. After all, if you're taught to uncritically accept beliefs in one area, you're much more likely to take that approach in other areas as well.

  15. Punishment in general isn't healthy. Reinforcement works better than punishment, and positive reinforcement works better than negative reinforcment.

  16. Wouldn’t him having to write out the essay be the punishment? I’m taking psychology right now punishments are way to minimize bad behavior. Him writing that essay is minimizing the behavior by not hitting her. Not trying to argue, just understand.

  17. Yeah, the essay is a punishment. I'm basically saying "you shouldn't use punishments, but if you have to, use ones like this."

  18. "I'm not forcing you to stay in your house, you're just not allowed to leave"

  19. People's bodies belong to themselves. The idea that someone should not be entitled to enjoy consentual use of their own body unless they're willing to give it to a potential ZEF that doesn't even exist yet, the idea that a non-existent embryos right to not be created takes precedence over a woman's right to her own body is basically saying that women have no right to their bodies.

  20. No. The entire intention of dialogue is for rational human beings to interact with one another and exchange ideas. One cannot genuinely engage in that if they cling to the notion their interlocutor is not a full person. Whether it's crucial to the conversation or not, the rhetoric perpetuated by calling AFAB people "females" undermines any intent of honest discussion and your insistence that we're being "emotional" by simply asking you not to do that magnifies the effect - especially when the other option was to simply listen to the other person (you know, dialogue is a two-way street, it's not all you talking and everyone else listening) acknowledge that it was a poor word choice, and make note of it.

  21. Women who want to have sex and wish to give consent should consent to sex. Women who do not want to have sex should not consent to sex.

  22. Locked because OP has started debating. This is not a debate sub.

  23. I get notifications for them too. I don't comment there a lot and I'm not a member, but I do lurk from time to time and most of my activity on reddit is abortion rights-related, so I think it's just the algorithm

  24. At this point I don’t want cities and people. I would rather live in the woods away from everyone. At least then I know my rights would never be infringed upon.

  25. Oh no worries, I was just making a light-hearted joke)

  26. Hey is Canada up for abortion tourism? I live less then three hours from Windsor

  27. "You view raising children as just a hobby? That explains a lot."

  28. I would guess her mother's real issue is that she expects her daughter to become a mom and will view her as a child unless that happens regardless of what OP does with her spare time. So who gives a shit.

  29. That is a very interesting story, and I admire your honesty, and appreciate where you are coming from.

  30. It is cultist behavior though when they got all these left wingers in the schools running them. When they got all these propaganda outlets pushing their narrative. When they are talking about giving transgender drugs to little kids before puberty. They push all this censorship, and control. Trust it is cult behavior. You say ANYTHING against the current narrative and they condemn you and call you a heretic. It's a witch hunt with all of this cancel culture. They are pro censorship, and anti freedom. There are people that would want to shoot me or silence me just for saying this. I want you to look up "Jim Jones". Don't drink the kool-aid! Jim Jones pushed the same exact shit that the modern left does.

  31. I mean, you're kind of making my point for me here. How much someone loves their kid from a pregnancy they didn't want doesn't magically make it acceptable to force pregnancy.

  32. Thomas Malthus was an 18th c (I think) academic who wrote about population dynamics, observing that potential reproduction exceeds available resources. He worried that people producing too many babies would lead to starvation, warfare, disease, etc. He's actually someone whose writing influenced Darwin and Wallace, who both read his work and realized the implications for competition and natural selection. Anywho, "Malthusian" describes ideologies and attitudes that moralize reproduction in this way - everything from social Darwinism to some borderline eugenics, even certain brands of environmentalism.

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