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  1. It's hard to argue against the fact "stupid people" tend to be the most problematic though.

  2. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwjF_ubHibr6AhWklIsKHUwCCNsQFnoECBYQAQ&url=https%3A%2F%2Ffi.m.wikipedia.org%2Fwiki%2FAdolf_Hitler&usg=AOvVaw2tfjvYJRwbdoRMaNavSzbP

  3. But... Wouldn't door 1 and door 3 also have a 2/3 chance to have the car. Meaning that even though Monty opened one of the doors, it still wouldn't make it more probable for there to be a car behind door 3, because the 2/3 chance isn't exclusive?

  4. No, every door has 1/3 chance. It's just that the doors you didn't pick have 1/3 chance each. So you have your 1/3 chance you picked right vs. the 2/3 chance you picked wrong. Monty just shows you the wrong part of the 2/3 set.

  5. I would, but not because it's more probable mathematically, but because Monty wouldn't open the right door, so the door he didn't open has to be the car. It's not mathematic probability

  6. I mean, yeah. Your being a total asshole for no reason. Tends to hurt people. Does that make you proud?

  7. All you finns are braindead. He literally asked me what we had.

  8. Oh well sorry for the mistake. You're still kind of a dick tho. Guess you can take the swedes out of Sweden but you can't take the ego (or the dick) out of your asshole.

  9. Don’t talk to me about ego. You guys have too much of it.

  10. We have an ego because we need to survive against a neighbouring country way stronger than us. You have an ego because you're assholes.

  11. couldn't resist your instincts, now i for sure know you're mexican

  12. Neuer was better than Messi. He was Germanys best player every game whereas Messi didn’t even score a goal outside of the groups

  13. Neither did neuer, infact he didn't score at all. Checkmate😎

  14. she won almost every individual award last year. if you still don't know her, that's on you tbh

  15. Afghani Afghan too. I firmly believe the Taliban would never have taken Afghanistan had we armed the women. The men are cowards with nothing to lose because they’re still men in a sexist religio-regime. The women lost everything they had gained in the last twenty years

  16. What a stupid thing to think. If the us military failed, then your delusions wouldn't have made a difference.

  17. They actually wanted 50% of the profits from the British owned oil industry. Then they wanted to settle for just seeing British profit numbers to make sure they were getting the like 15% they were supposed to. Then they decided since Britain wouldn't even give them that, they'd nationalize the oil industry to get them to play ball. Instead of negotiating, UK just asked US to help them overthrow the government.

  18. the funny things is, the us actually felt sympathy for Iran, and was more than ready to help them. But the British did something. They activated america Patriot bot by telling the USA that Iran was communist. And we'll, the rest you can figure out yoursemf.

  19. "Grow up" he says after emerging from his cocoon of safety. Jerry's such a piece of shit.

  20. You’re never gonna believe this, but Oversimplified actually doesn’t own the copyright for using simple drawings to explain history

  21. Oma feministinen ajatteluni on se, että suurin osa poikien ja tyttöjen ongelmista johtuu partiarkaalisista rakenteista. Tällä en tarkoita, että syypää olisi nykyajan pojat, tai että vain pojat tätä ylläpitäisi. Kuka vain voi ylläpitää partiarkaalista rakennetta ja kuka vaan voi kärsiä siitä. Se on sit eri asia, että vasta nyt herätään siihen että niitä poikienkin ongelmia voisi korjata rakenteellisesti. Parikymmentä vuotta on rakenteellisesti kaadettu naisten ongelmia, jos nyt korjattais kaikkien ongelmia.

  22. On kyllä todella suloista että luulet että Suomi on partiarkaalinen yhteiskunta.

  23. Well, you compared her to Stan Lee for fucks sake. I was just bringing up an actual head of state, not a comic book guy. But you're right, debating with you is a waste of time. Clearly the royal family have only ever done good things, and their boots should be licked clean without question. Carry on, for King and Country, and all that propaganda.

  24. Bit different to compare a person who harbored sexual harassment and a person who's been accused of sexual harassment, than to compare queen Elizabeth, and Kim jong il. Do you even understand how ridiculous that is?

  25. Granted, it was OTT and maybe a bit tongue in cheek, the comparison was more the forced mourning that was seen in North Korea and the UK.

  26. Fair enough. However I still do think it was worth it. The world will never see a monarch like her again, and the people mourning aren't just doing so for queen Elizabeth, it's for the end of an era. + The royal family stopped having say in those matter a long long time ago.

  27. Thats literally the same way russia is promoting their aggression. Basically saying "We prevent death with death".

  28. Russia kinda attacked first + Ukraine didn't kill 20+ million Chinese people, nor did they commit the most horrific human rights violations in history.

  29. They probably would've, but without the emperor's direct guidance, the people would've probably been much feistier+ the USA needed a show of force, and there weren't many places to Nuke after Germany and Italy surrendered

  30. Exactly. It's a sad corner of reddit and clearly struck a nerve. We aren't saying all men do this. Very few do, but it's enough to make us hold keys in a parking lot as possible weapons, only walk/run if we find others to go with, or carry rape whistles. None of that should be necessary. A few bad apples really do spoil the bunch.

  31. Then why do you guys get mad when others overtly generalize women? Make a comment like this about why all men dying would be good and you get 300 up votes. Make one comment about how women shouldn't blame all their problems on others, and suddenly there's a riot.

  32. Women could go for a run without fearing for her life.

  33. You better run, because all those men disappearing has caused a massive amount of hate between female communities. The economy would vanish, there wouldn't be anyone producing your oh so valued goods, and the people running things like factories and nuclear generators are now gone. Those things will malfunction without supervision, and when they do, everyone will die.

  34. I would not consider Finns overtly racist but more along the lines of being ‘overt nationalists’ (I am generalizing here, but this is not directed towards you redditors or internauts), as I always have had the feeling that there’s that kind of metaphorical smirk in their heads that implicitly tells them that they are better than anyone else, and I’ve also heard this explicitly quite a bunch of times.

  35. Right??? Im shocked at these comments. Where I live summer temperatures lately have been going a little over 40°C (>104F), which I admit is way too hot, hellish really. Hot temp to me is 30-37°C (86-99F). Comfortable temp would be around 25°C (77F). Anything below that I have to wear jackets. And everytime it goes under 20°C (68F) I wear all these sweaters. At 15°C (59F) is just awful and I would be shaking from the cold and cold feet cold knees, even wearing gloves scarf sweater jacket thick socks....

  36. Where i live, people wear t shirts at 9 degrees Celsius. I know I do.

  37. And the OP of this image is surely interested in having a genuine and open debate about sterilization and birth control right? Totally not just mocking a random stranger with hundreds of people who already agree with him? Everyone in the comments making fun of her are totally open to an honest debate?

  38. Op just made this post to show that people need affirmation for any decision they make. It's hilarious.

  39. Oh yeah, so sad. It's so sad I'm in tears, and fell of my chair over comically

  40. This post implies that if there is no diversity then its normal but if there is diversity it is forced.

  41. It's forced if every single original story is just covered with black paint. True diversity would be making an original movie about a black princess. But of course they don't have to do that because they can always count on you guys to protect their decision to give us low quality shit like this. They can keep killing 2 birds with one movie. being a cash grab live action film, and diversifying a set story, and with your help, it's not even a breeze. It's a fucking zephyr.

  42. Finland: is in the Nordic council, is regarded as a Nordic country in everyway that the Scandinavian countries are.

  43. Iceland is a country in Northern Europe that is in the Nordic council, was a former danish colony, and is inhabited by Vikings

  44. Finland is a country in northern Europe, that is in the Nordic council, was a former swedish colony, and is inhabited by half gays.

  45. Then why not create original characters? The story isn't even originally american, so its weird that it would be changed so much by the Americans? Why not stick to the original danish story? And then create original stories with original black characters.

  46. Bro nobody complained about white Ariel and only people like are talking about black ariel

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