1. Not an expert but, you should get the best results by crushing it into powder and then steeping it in a half mil of cold water. Next get yourself a decent sized ball of cotton and see if you can't cleanly suck off the solution from the rest of the pill mass thru the filter.

  2. Thanks for the information mate. How would 40mg do rather than a full 80 in regards to dissolving it and sucking it up into the syringe? And would a clean cigarette be okay as a filter?

  3. Noice. I don’t like speed really cus I have ADHD and take stimulant medication. But for real, like other than the price, street speed is just so shite compared to pharmaceutical amphetamines like Dex Sulphate.

  4. Yeah mate, I have ADHD as well, I greatly prefer street speed over dex, for me the negative effects of dex linger more opposed to street speed. I kind of went through my 100ct script in 2 weeks and refill is every 2 months… soooo speed will have to do for now 😂

  5. That a hungry jacks straw? That’s what I’m currently using as a snorter hahahahah

  6. Where you from? In from Spain and i think is an average quality, i get very good effects from 150-200mg and i know It would rather be an insane dose if It was pure, do you mind me asking your dose? (This is intranasal ROA btw) have a great one friend.

  7. Hey mate, I’m from aus. My preferred dose is 50mg as I use speed more for self medicating, it’s a lower dose but it’s lets me get shit done as well as feeling quite good! My go to ROA is IN 👍

  8. These presses are super weird. It’s like they don’t want them to look real at all, they’ve shaped them completely wrong. G2’s are from kalma but he’s pressed the exact shape of an A2 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 (g2’s have been discontinued because of the amount of pressies round)

  9. Yeah, they’re 100% pressed but they slap real hard. I took half a bar for the speed comedown and I was in absolute serenity.

  10. Nah its pharma ket cooked straight out the vial haha. Not that i cooked it

  11. If it’s pharma it’s going to be good quality. Depends on how it was cooked

  12. Fuck yeah. I’ve gone through my whole bottle, gotta wait a month and bit now :(

  13. Yeah I did. But I can’t afford to see a psychiatrist, due to COVID-19. So I’m doubtful I’ll ever get it back. L€

  14. Yeah man that sucks, hopefully somehow you can cop them!

  15. Great to see another Aussie, Get my dex script tomorrow !

  16. Solid gold right here! What do you think of ritalin on its own?

  17. was the clonidine easy to get too? can u just ask for it saying it helps with opi wd’s?

  18. Hey mate, Nah the clonidine wasn’t too hard to get, I just mentioned to my psych I’ve had troubles with sleep and he got me a script for this. And yes these are a cure for OP WDs, I also like mixing these with oxy and codeine and benzos, gives them an extra kinda kick IMO.

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