1. 13k, took a hit after completing BM & Van Gogh. It’s not going up very quickly b/c I’m still buying some of the store/crafting suits that I want.

  2. Gacha question - I just started and I only have 13k (although im currently at the beginning of ch. 2, so I have more gems from that to get)

  3. ~less than 40%. Mika is at 1%, and you currently have less than 40 draws saved

  4. Alright, thank you! I’ll grind my diamonds up as much as possible & go for the 50/50, I’ve looked over the event schedule and Mika is the only person I’m remotely interested in until October. Worst case scenario I get some more 3s & maybe a 4s, it’ll be a good addition since I’m lacking some colors.

  5. Currently I’ve got 3 series I’m letting update to binge later, with this new FP chapter it’ll be four. I trust the author has a desirable outcome planned, but I don’t want to sit through what I think will happen to get that outcome. Not dropping it altogether, but not reading it for a while. Once this arc is over or something interesting is done with it, I’ll pick it back up.

  6. 20 pulls.. wow. Both his bday & dorm came home in 20, yall I think Epel loves me-

  7. Me over here just trying to beat hard. 😭😭

  8. Entered, thank you! Sorry I'm late, for whatever reason this didn't tag me in my notifs. Gl! :)

  9. once PI was over, the twin's parents sent Amy off to boarding school to "become a better person." Sammy got to spend the rest of highschool w/o her sister, making friends and enjoying herself.

  10. Out of the 3, jobs. We need a decent ftp way to get dias, and a better way for non-ftps. Still annoyed about the moving-dias update, even if there was a reason for it.

  11. If you don’t mind me asking, which site did you use to get him? I’m interested in buying but I don’t have much experience /w figurines, so help would be appreciated.

  12. I started too recently to care about the people, but man do I love Valkyrie’s music. Memoire Antique is just.. mm 👌

  13. It’s the only heavily rhythm based game I play, but another game I play (TWST) incorporates rhythm gaming into it.

  14. 6 from what I’ve counting, this was 10h ago at the time of reading & the next closest was a day.

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