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  1. I wanna go binge the walking dead can y’all make some progress to wrap this up

  2. I have axenfold nerve loops. Its when a nerve in your eye pushes through the sclera ( white part ) and folds before going back under but it drags pigment along with it and makes eye freckles.

  3. I guess it’s because typically veiny hands belong to more muscular people, and that’s the reason for it?

  4. Im 6’1, 170 pounds and can’t lift more than 50 pounds but my veins especially in my hands stick out as if im a skinny elderly woman.

  5. Im 6’1, 170 pounds and can’t lift more than 50 pounds but my veins especially in my hands stick out as if im a skinny elderly woman.

  6. I only played for an hour and got nothing. I’m not gonna stress myself out when it’s this hot it’s 100 today where I live too.

  7. Well… you see… I’m bisexual… so. Uh. I think I’d quite like that

  8. I think abortions can still be acceptable under certain circumstances when the child won’t have a good life anyways. The foster care system is overflowing and most foster care kids who don’t get adopted end up imprisoned or dead not long after being released. So i don’t think putting the kid up for adoption is a fair solution for the kid. And in times where the parents are not in a good financial or mental state to take care of the kid. Then making them support the kid just ruins 3 lives instead of 1

  9. You and I clearly just have different definitions of unfair. I agree. I just might not have gotten it across quite right. Maybe unfair wasn’t the right word

  10. How many women are in charge of advertisement and franchising in pro sports leagues? How many women have the money to just randomly buy WNBA teams? Your logic only works if we assume that every single capitalist is completely rational and doesn't just focus on stuff they like.

  11. I did twist myself in a knot with the women and men thing didn’t I, but OP’s arguing that men shouldn’t have to do anything and that it shouldn’t be our responsibility but women can watch the NBA and if a man enjoys the WNBA he can watch it too. And you’re right not many women can go buy their own WNBA teams but you give 1000 girls enough money to buy whatever WNBA team they want and don’t tell them how to spend it. Just how many of them do you think are going to think to spend it on a WNBA team. I’d wager not very many. Because the WNBA just doesn’t get as much recognition or money as the NBA and it just won’t until it grows in popularity because there’s no reason why it should

  12. Do you know what part of your brain is linked to pleasure, i truly want to have a civilized talk with you rn

  13. im not a sciency guy i just know there is part of ur brain that is linked to pleasure

  14. Everyones saying no, the scrotum is sauishy aka your ballsack but the actual testicles inside are an organ, if you want to make them squishy you can, i guess you can call your heart squishy but i wouldnt suggest squeezing it

  15. Ur barbie doll patch of nothing above your nono square is where our reproductive organs are, unless you have really fucking low balls you dont sit on it. Laying on my stomach is a different story tho

  16. And we should make one without horny-ass-pretty-much-adults

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