1. Very few had experience true horror from Ps3 Demons Souls infamous "Scraping spear". Enjoy your repair bill of 500k souls each armor piece.

  2. Endgame is where the damage goes up like crazy scaled, making all enemies, even basic moobs dangerous if you understimate them. Basically Giant mountains, swon field, hali tree and farum azula. And dont forget the war dead catacombs and its crazy scaling.

  3. Everyone laughing at Grafted Dragon until you land Bear Witness!! at point blank range and deals nearly 3k damage plus 1k damge from lingering flames.

  4. Endure ash of war followed by a full charge Radagon Ring of Light. This is a NG+7 character, stacking 30% damage from double golden order seal +10 and Radiant Goldmask, plus the 2 canvas talisman 12%, the holy scorpion one 12%, and godfrey talisman 15%.

  5. Pff bloodvials all the way. Fear the old blood and grant me eyes as you did with rhe vacous Rom

  6. There is a way, at least on PC, but is forbbide to talk about it in this land.

  7. The Ng+ way. Walking and running over dangerous liquids and surfaces unhindered like Jesus.

  8. Not listed here. As a Goldmask servant, T-pose in victory and defeat.

  9. Thats the main reason i have only one character at level 713. Im a pure cosplayer. I have like 70 different playstyles, all legitimate copies of characters and bosses.

  10. At least in ps4, the new secret Nilfgaardian helmet turns you into a crimson cube. The final form of Geralt has been unlocked. True power.

  11. We have the celebrant rib rake. I think that count as a pitchfork.

  12. What is frightening is that the Inescapable Frenzy one shot bug still exist. The one that use your main hand critical damage. I know that its main way to do it was patched, but there is still a very easy way to do it, much easier now tgat they buff poise and Endure duration. With this buff, anyone who knows how to do it can deal like 8k damage to a unsuspecting player. Quite nasty if you ask me.

  13. How is it supposed to work? I've never seen anything about it aside from a mention of it using your right hand's critical modifier

  14. Yeah the bug still exist. Have misericorde on your right hand, cast endure, and two hand your seal of choice. Inescapable frenzy will deal ridiculous damage. Basicaly, by two handing the seal, you apply the right hand critical damage like before.

  15. I just finished the game and I’m pretty sure the only time I ever saw Goldmask was in the opening cinematic? Is it possible to accidentally skip his character?

  16. Yes, he is missable. He is first located in Altus Plateau, over a broken bridge. He is tied with Brother Corhir quest. He change to more hidden places during his quest, places normaly one could skip accidentaly if you just follow the main path.

  17. Forget everything people tell you. Farm XP to reach all stats soft caps at 60. Them aim to the stars and reach level 713 and join our exclusive club.

  18. STR DEX INT FAI ARC will all have noticeable growth until 80 for weapons infused that way, casters scaling 80 too

  19. Magnificent, much appreciated. Have a good day comrade.

  20. Most of the stats have multiple soft caps, which are roughly as follows:

  21. Perfect thats what i was lookimg for. Have a good day comrade.

  22. Nothing better to carry some new guys on the raid chapters. I have played them like 1000 times during 2 years so that content if burned to the ground for me, but playing with clueles people is a enjoyable and refreshing experience. Nothing better than completing them, and watch the exitement of this players while we move foward during the chapter, challenge after challenge. And whats more important, this 3 new guys will know what to do in the next try, so they will help an other set of 3 people. Allthrought there will be always online guides and things like that, veteran players have the honorable duty to teach the new replacememts how to do the raids, so the knowledge keep passing throught players generations.

  23. In my quite long experience as a SAD purist, magma bomb is superior than SK when playing pure Stealth build. Stacking 4secs+2 secs cooldown reduction on kill with the assasin charm, plus deff hands, nets you 9 secs down per kill. Pairing it with 15% cooldown reduction makes magma to recharge in 76 secs instead of 90.

  24. Sure, you can try out my setting. For the other part, i see you using the mmc. That give you the advantage to lower the health of more tough enemies into the SK one hit kill window in quick succesion, so using it in conjuntion with SK can make this strategy faster that the magma one. I can see that happening for sure.

  25. Since release, i always have play as a pure SAD assasin. I can tell you that your stealth kills number is only a bit lower of the expected number one usually achieve with 4 average players. Normally you will achieve 100/120 stealth kills if you have the optimized stealth setup, plus 20/30 melee kills. So it was a great performance especially if the other players were meta spammers.

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