1. Some captions would've been nice, even if the captions were in urdu

  2. Funny how the situation is reversed now. Inshallah MBS will meet the same fate as Shah of Iran.

  3. Genius move imo, government did all this for nothing and won't be able to do it again because of supreme court's order and the people will be prepared. If Khan announced dharna it would have been against supreme court's order.

  4. Can someone help me catch up on the situation out thete

  5. The people of Pakistan are protesting because a person who is currently on bail and is facing serious corruption charges has been made the prime minister and his son has been made chief minister also 60% of his cabinet is also on bail. How did he come to power? By buying Khan's party members which is illegal but I guess when your surname is Sharif the Supreme Court can let it slide.

  6. No not like Trump because Khan's supporters are doing peaceful protests, not even throwing a rock while facing rubber bullets and shilling. Why are they protesting? They protesting because the no confidence motion was passed after the opposition bought Khan's party members for a million dollar each and even admitted to doing it on national television meanwhile the Supreme Court of Pakistan which ranks 130 out of 139 countries in Rule of Law Index watched as if nothing was happening.

  7. This is not correct at all. You clearly have no understanding of Pakistani politics.

  8. Don’t you wanna mention his yellow and red card records? Ramos has been at the end of so many big scorelines 5-0,4-0,6-2,5-1

  9. His accomplishments came despite all the cards and the big scorelines that is why I felt no need to mention them these things didn't stop him from accomplishing great things. It is like if I told you that I climbed Mount Everest and you said well what about the times you slipped along the way. The slips along the way don't matter if you actually do the damn thing if anything they make you even greater.

  10. Stop kidding yourself bro, He doesn't come close to Messi. If Messi retired at 25 he would have still been better than Benzema. Benzema can be compared to Lewandowski, Brazilian Ronaldo, Suárez, Thierry Henry, Neymar but not Messi, Ronaldo, Pele, Maradona

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