About 15 seconds after getting out of the car at White Castle in Bowling Green, Ky.

That's a little funny

I'm genuinely flabbergasted.

*Lowers face into palm*

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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. This is me being real with you, I wouldn’t recommend coming here. Vancouver will be better. The program itself is fine, no one will complain about it. A graduate here is equal to a graduate in Vancouver. Only difference is the city. Vancouver will have much more to offer than Guelph in terms of job prospects. Here’s how I would rank it: Guelph < Vancouver < Toronto. Of course city life will also be a big factor in your decision which is something I can’t speak of for Vancouver. Good luck on your decision!

  2. To be honest I’d almost say guelph could* be a better option cause it’s close enough to Toronto, and Kitchener (which is one of the fastest growing cities in North America for the tech sector)

  3. thats what my father was saying, i have some extended family working in Toronto as well, honestly its all very confusing. And especially after reading what the above user had to say im just slightly tilting towards Uoguelph cuz the drive from guelph to Toronto isnt that bad its about 1.5 hrs i believe.

  4. Guelph to Toronto is about 1-1.5 hours depending on the traffic, prob closer to 1.5 during rush hour. There’s also the go train which goes from guelph to downtown Toronto. But just cause get your degree in Guelph doesn’t mean you have to live here when you graduate, you could just move to the city you get a job in. Another factor id consider is living in Vancouver would be much more expensive than Guelph. (But to be fair Vancouver is a much nicer city)

  5. Google always overestimates the walk times by a decent amount

  6. I’m a casual, is this a good trade? I assume it has to do with muzzin being out

  7. I’m vaccinated but this statement is kinda true

  8. I hate to say it but I see him going to the dolphins. He spends his off-seasons in the Miami area and I assume the dolphins would be willing to pay him more than other teams due to the inside info he has on us

  9. Accounting Stuff is a great YouTube channel, explains everything in a simple way

  10. If he’s willing to take a discount then yes. Exactly the player that would help us out especially on a cheap contract

  11. To be honest jets now have a good team, they almost made the playoffs with Zach Wilson at qb. If they get a competent qb they definitely have the roster to win playoff games

  12. Him deleting pictures means he’s leaving the team (even though he just got extended long term)

  13. Mahomes getting the rare 5th down from roger

  14. Breaking bad had a better storey line, the sopranos had better individual scenes / dialogue

  15. We struggle in the trenches on both sides of the ball. Doesn’t matter how many star players we have, but we aren’t winning shit until those are fixed

  16. Saying youre addicted to dopamine is literally like saying you're addicted to being happy

  17. Cause if our phones we’re overdosed with dopamine to the point where we need more and more to feel happy

  18. Gesicki is a stud, the dolphins just aren’t using him correctly

  19. At least McDaniel has a strong working relationship with the refs

  20. I've just been getting so tired of hearing the amount of shit from the media, fans, etc. Like the whole Alabama snow crap. Taken out of context everywhere for no reason I can think of than to shit on the Dolphins. The whole concussion thing everyone was calling for the team to be disbanded and people sent to jail. I'm just fucking over all the bullshit.

  21. Seems like you shouldn’t be a sports fan then

  22. I did absolutely nothing from 1pm to 12am and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  23. The best part is you can do the exact same thing again tomorrow

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