1. Moisturizer, yes. I use Cetaphil lotion, the old version. I dont wear sunscreen, but Sterling Minerals has some SPF in it. Now I only use the Sterling powder as my highlighter and use IT cosmetics CC cream which is SPF 50, as my foundation. I haven't found a sunscreen that doesn't break me out.

  2. Your stickers are pure virtue signaling...lol. if you want to support Black Lives, don't brag about it on a makeup website.

  3. I use the Beauty Bio Glo Pro microneedling device. I've been using it for around 5 or 6 years. It's great for overall texture and I use it under the eyes for fine lines. The sunken look will not be helped though without healthy living (water, exercise, proper nutrition) and ultimately fillers. I've had under eye fillers too and they work great.

  4. So glad you had a great result! I love botox too, but sometimes I get freaked out at first about how I cant move my forehead...but then it settles within a week or two and it's perfect.

  5. It's called the retinol uglies. It can make your skin look like crap in the present but over time makes a difference. I noticed the same with my retinol eye cream. Just cut back to 3 times per week and use a super emollient eye cream the other days. You will still get the same benefits.

  6. Agreed. Also, I’m here to watch these old bitches sabotage each other and make fools of each other all day. I don’t need heroes and villains, I need chaos. BH is the one franchise where the fans are as dramatic and severe as the cast. I watched B scream at Lu that she was a whore and it was business as usual and frankly, hilarious. I wanna watch bitches behaving badly.

  7. AMEN! So tired of the morality police, especially on the other sub for housewives. Everything/everyone is racist, has internalized misogyny, etc. Can't all these bitches just be terrible and we watch to be entertained? I mean if EJ knew about her husband's crimes, then yes she's pretty terrible. But there is no way we know all the ins and outs of a legal case by watching a trashy reality show. Same with Kathy and Rinna. Just watch it or don't. Tired of the taking sides.

  8. Despite her best efforts, TW is really quite small looking. Not only short, but really petite. You can see it here and when the four of them arrived for the walkabout. She looked so tiny next to Harry, Catherine, and Will.

  9. I keep hearing about this "clean girl" trend, but in my area it's not a thing. It's still false lashes/lash extensions galore and full coverage foundation. It's quite jarring to see in everyday life, as it looks a bit of place to me.

  10. Wait…I rarely wear mascara and when I do it’s waterproof, so I use baby oil to get it off. What should I be using instead?

  11. No need to change it. I've used baby oil to remove my makeup since the early 90's. I've tried various micallar waters, but all made my rosacea react horribly. Same with Clinique's Take the Day Off Balm. IT cosmetics has a cleansing balm I love, but it's like 40 bucks. I can buy a huge bottle of baby oil for under 5 bucks and it lasts forever. The best part is that it's never made my face breakout or have a reaction. I always follow up with Cetaphil to remove the oil and residual makeup. Works great for me.

  12. Rosemary oil works just as well as minoxidil in a clinical setting. I've used it myself over the past year and definitely have seen my hairline fill in with baby hairs. It's cheap and all natural. Love it.

  13. What brand of rosemary oil ?

  14. Can someone tell me what she did to her eyebrows so I know what not to do, please

  15. I think it's lots of botox on the forehead and to lift the brows, however that doesn't always help with the saggy eyelid skin. It actually just highlights how much she needs upper blepharoplasty.

  16. Yup...topicals always made my Type 2 pustules and papules way worse. The only thing that ever worked for me was doxycycline.

  17. Love me some Sunny! She is bubbly, funny, lighthearted, and has a great time in the kitchen. If you don't like her, just change the channel...you know what I'm sayin'?

  18. I really wish it didn't look so fresh. Honestly I can't believe it still does after two full weeks. As to speeding up the healing process, I've tried everything. Ice, heat, arnica cream, even toothpaste. Nothing seems to make it budge. Luckily it should be gone by the end of the week. Everything I've read about black eyes say they take 3 weeks tops to heal.

  19. Stop using heat. Heat opens blood vessels and draws blood to the region. That is why it still looks fresh, most likely. Ice it 3-5 times per day, if you can. 20 minutes on, 40 minutes off.

  20. Honestly, getting yourself on a regular schedule, eating right, and exercise will do wonders for your mood. Way more than anti depressants. Start going to bed earlier, get up early, and go for a walk daily. That will help. If you want to get a job, start acting like you have a job. That will help with your motivation. Trust me, been there.

  21. Ummm....you are conventionally attractive, at least where I live. Nice skin, hair, and features. The guy probably thought you were joking with him?

  22. Dear God, please give little Lloyd the strength to make it through the next two days. 🙏

  23. Pants with a little stretch and wear a top that comes to the top of your hip. That is my problem area as well and I rarely tuck a top in, unless it's a half tuck. And short tops are a no.

  24. This is such a powerful statement and seems spot on. The victim narrative is strong in this one.

  25. Okay guys, her mom is been going through so much I don’t think her main goal is to cover her self up and do her hair for the camera, she’s her own person she can look they way she wants, she’s not gross, and ur not there to say she is, this is what u see from camera u expect her to look like the girls from the hills? No this is MBFFL not 90210

  26. My mom died last year from a stroke. The only day I was out in public without a shower was when my dad and I sat in the ICU for two days straight, waiting for her to die. I went to the ICU when I was awoken in the middle of the night to come to the hospital. I quickly washed my face, brushed my teeth, and changed my clothes before going.

  27. So, that's you. Not everybody is like you. WWT obviously has a severe, intransigent eating disorder and mental health issues. That's why her behavior is so inexplicable and obnoxious at times. Part of her mental health issue is not being willing to get the help she needs.

  28. I also had an eating disorder, EDNOS. I also have suffered from depression and panic disorder. No excuse.

  29. I work in a school and one of my students is named Christian. I'm tempted everyday to yell out "Chrishhuuuuuuuun!". But yeah, I don't wanna get fired...lol.

  30. Not sure of my type, but I think midi skirts and dresses are the most flattering on me. I am very short, 5'2", with very short legs but a long torso. For reference, because of the length of my torso, typical "petite" labeled pants are either an inch or two too short in the length or in the rise.

  31. Barbie in this movie version appears Dramatic. But og Barbie dolls (until the body design change in the early 2000s) was a FN icon.

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