1. It's not an issue with miui.eu. It's a common issue with miui 13. I am using Miui 12 personally on RN10 with no issues and I am never gonna update.

  2. Yeah miui 12 when I first flashed was a lot better. Also don't ever update because after Miui 12.5 they removed app opening and closing animation too and just introduced ALOT of bugs.

  3. Known issue woth xiaomi's proximity sensor. Manually lock the screen using power button after answering the call.

  4. Most probably due to miui 13. You could try downgrading to miui 12 and it will definitely improve the situation.

  5. Yes, if you are comfortable with doing it yourself. Otherwise service center can do it for you.

  6. Wish I could add the Xiaomi calculator in there but I can't seem to. Have to make do with the Google calculator that doesn't have a unit convertor.

  7. You cannot ad it there, but you can open it in floating window mode by opening calculator and clicking top-left icon (minimise icon).

  8. Yeah that's the best workaround I've seen, but it's annoying as I'd often like to pop it up over whatever I'm working on and you have to close/minimize everything and go open calculator then come back to it

  9. This is a Samsung phone video. And in Xiaomi, things are different.

  10. Objectively yes. But subjectively it depends on usage. If battery life, fingerprint scanner, fadt charging, better display, etc. are the things important to OP then it is not a downgrade.

  11. Not a downgrade imo, why should I fork out 1000 dollars if I can just get an android with additional features for half the price. I tried the latest iPhone and literally felt no difference from the older iPhones except for the added cameras. Whereas I tried a 250 dollar android device which turned out to be more appealing. iOS felt good for the first year as an ex android user, however it became boring later on, especially the home screen and the new app drawer completely sucked (cannot remove it). The pros of customisation and freedom available on android are some of the main reasons for my love for android. Thatโ€™s why Iโ€™m moving back!!!

  12. I used szaki tool for debloating and there is now way to remove it using this tool.

  13. You can use adb command too: adb shell pm uninstall -k --user 0 com.mydemo.app

  14. Try Settings - Sound and vibration - Do not disturb (DND) . Turn on DND, Then set where it says notify about calls.

  15. It's not just miui You can't turn it off because it's a feature of android 12. You can't turn it off even on a pixel phone

  16. True. But even in pixel, we can choose a static color (example: blue independent of wallpaper) and we can thereby kind of turn it off. Older android base colour was blue and all google apps were having blue accent. But in miui, that option is not present.

  17. Yeah that sucks But I made a minimalistic wallpaper that I can change it's colors as I like so I'm fine with that

  18. Don't do software update by the way. It can get motherboard issues if you do so.

  19. not any phone unfortunately, you need Qualcomm SoC and camera2api FULL or level 3 access for it to work properly

  20. It's long gone the days when a better camera sensor means better images. Optimisation and colour science is the key. Hence google camera improves the camera of any phone. And I think this case is similar to that.

  21. They will probably do an android 12 and 13 update at least

  22. Android 12 kind of sure. But 13, I don't think so. At that time, they might launch the next pad 6 and give all attention to it.

  23. I think the beta for pad 5 for 13 is already in testing? Idk so yeah. They will do 13 too. :)

  24. Ok ok. I didn't know. Then ot's the issue with some other thing.

  25. false, Im a mobile phone repair store owner and I have basically all flagship in my stores. it's rather obvious that Miui has -25 to 35% screen on time compared to Samsung / oppo flagship with the similar battery capacity and SoC.

  26. that's why it's memeUI. aggressive app killing but still has the worse screen on time among all android

  27. Just install apk from sites like apkmirror. It's a known issue. And most other apps will install. Only netflix is a bit stubborn.

  28. I think you misunderstood the question. It's about whether the phone automatically do a factory reset while it's in the waiting period.

  29. It's better to stay with that update. I have my poco m2 pro (basically the same phone as yours) and updated to version 12.5 and it was not so good. Random bugs and glitches popped out of nowhere.

  30. I don't think netflix has that feature. You could imitate that by using floating window though.

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