1. Temps are definitely less than ideal, but then again furmark is an awful stress test too. +700 memory offset is subpar and I think you might be able to get a bit more out of it.

  2. You need to download the wifi drivers off your motherboard manufacturers website for your specific motherboard model (looks like an asus?)

  3. Yeah it’s asus so do I go to my laptop and just download the Wi-Fi driver to a usb drive then just plug it in?

  4. You can do that yeah. When I built mine the Asus drivers weren’t working so I got the ones off the Intel website and they worked better. (Not sure if you’re amd or Intel but keep that in mind)

  5. Omg you beautiful beautiful man/women thank you so fucking much 👍

  6. You have to install the driver's for wifi, you will have to get a Ethernet cord until your driver's are installed, or continue without internet

  7. I’ll try and get the drivers installed and if all else fails I’ll just get the Ethernet cord ig

  8. Can you get it close enough to your router to plug it in to ethernet for now? You need to most likely install the Wifi drivers to get that working after you install the OS.

  9. Sadly no I don’t have an Ethernet cable which I’m going to get tomorrow if I can’t figure out this problem

  10. They’re both the same chip, the difference will be minimal

  11. hmm so since the core clock doesnt really matter the msi has worse warrantly and cooling but 2gb extra vram while the evga has better warrantly and cooling but less vram. Which one do you personally think would perform better?

  12. The Ventus coolers are loud and hot, I’d rather go with the EVGA card personally but I’m sure others will argue the other way

  13. Not consistently... I've got an I9-12900, and i can't hit 60fps consistently in e.g. Orison (average around mid-50's, iirc).

  14. Did you mean to post this in pcmr or are you asking for SC? For SC? Nah, my i9 and 3080 get wrecked by this game unless I lower it to medium. It can play high but it shoots down to 30-45 fps A LOT. Now at medium I get 90+ with dips to 60

  15. ok so basically 2k with medium graphics thats not to bad

  16. I also need tribemates! But I don’t have a real tribe yet.

  17. Sauce Spy#1539 is my discord so hit me up if you want

  18. hey im also in the same boat im looking for a tribe and i know how to do basically everything as well im also on epic pc so you wanna tribe up?

  19. They are giving it away for free the next couple of days hyping up ark 2

  20. Everyone will tell you the PVP is a nightmarish hellscape, particularly so for noobs (known as "Beach Bobs"). I haven't played it, so I can't speak to that. In my experience gaming, everyone says every PVP environment is toxic in every game, so who the hell knows.

  21. yeah I want like one or two other people but playing offline/local server might be a good idea

  22. There are multiple servers for different maps. There will never be a nowwhere you can build. Ark pvp is the most toxic game you will play. I mean a simple search would solve that question, watch some videos lol. People are just cruel. Now the pve servers are LIFE. My particular server number is fire, we’re all kind and trade or give things to each other. All one goal, to survive and thrive.

  23. yeah I think i will probably play PVE because I also have a life and even if i was good enough you have to play a lot more to stay alive in pvp so i think PVE might be better

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