1. Looks great! Good luck with the banner lol. Pain in the butt. Free wounds are worth it though

  2. I had to restart a few times hahah. I did it similar to the box art. It wasn’t too terrible the layers just have to be soooooooo thin

  3. Tough and stoic heelers will go on through serious injury. Paying close attention to their movement and eating habits is important. Three coyotes went after my male and after killing one he was still attempting to drive off the other two (my female had pups on the ground) despite being opened up from his throat to his left paw. Almost a 150 stitches later his prime objective was to guard and protect his pups and me. I've had heelers for over thirty years and they are not complainers even when they should be!

  4. Huh that’s a badass doggie. Mine literally just stops going for the ball when he’s tired lol. He is quite defensive of us though.

  5. Our ACD mix was able to be left out of her crate when she was a year old! We kept her in our bedroom and ensured everything was out of reach.

  6. We had to kennel for the first couple months but at about 6 months we started trusting him. Only thing he shredded aside from his toys was a ice cream container. We’ve gotten lucky.

  7. I think to the 20 year sopranos reunion. She hopped in a lot to give people shit when they were answering questions. I really enjoyed it to be honest. Got a pretty larger than life personality.

  8. I'd like to play as Dante pushing straight through the Heart of the Tyranids during the Devastation of Baal.

  9. Grimaldus narrowed his eyes behind his helm’s false grin. ‘You have served with the Knights of Dorn before?”

  10. Lol. “Yes little brother. My machine spirit is far older than you or any of your brothers.”

  11. And they just take massive casualties along the way lol. I think the reason aside from helsreach I started painting Templars is because they’re so insane with their purity they’re a hop skip and a jump from becoming heretical. I’d love to read a black Templars book where a crusader fleet thinks their communing with the emperor but it turns out to be tzeentch or some other god.

  12. I always like the idea of Feudal Knights in space with lasers, plus like you say they're very on the edge of being heretics it's hilarious.

  13. Same here haha. It’s this nice balance of them being hilarious and actually thinking they’re badass

  14. I don’t believe in downvoting somebody just because their opinion differs from mine, but just know I’m downvoting you in my mind.

  15. Lol I’m just downvoting because it’s another shite generic “bad guy character bad post”. Fortunately over at the sopranos subreddit you just get quoted to death for low effort obvious takes.

  16. Had to do something similar in the RDR2 subreddit, in situations like these I like to quote Tony himself, "You make we wanna cry, it's a movie...". Do they think the audience should try their hardest to not sympathize or end up liking the protagonists that the artists' are trying to make exactly that? Someone you'll end up sympathizing with?

  17. Yeah haha everyone is complaining about sexism and I’m just wondering where this stupid ass bot got this cringey ass video and song from lol.

  18. That’s how it works you fking morn. Where were they supposed to go after training for war, Chuck E. Fking Cheese?

  19. People act like during both world wars and Vietnam we didn’t do the same thing. You can not believe in what Russia is doing and still understand they’re winning.

  20. I think he was saying he just was ashamed to look at them because he ruined the work with varnish. Been there. Very very sad lol.

  21. Basecoat kislev flesh -> Reikland flesh shade wash -> highlight with kislev flesh worked well for my scouts

  22. Yep this is good. Alternative is bugman’s glow, then Kislev flesh, then reikland then a dry brush of Kislev again.

  23. I can’t believe nobody has suggested this yet, I mean wtf guys.

  24. Thanks dude!!! I have spent the day using typhus corrosion and some oxidation all over it (and bullet holes). I’ll be posting the final product probably in a week. This is such a fun project.

  25. Also this all very WIP still. Lots of cleanup. The cross is mostly done though. Having it look like scuffed metal was the best solution to the problem of my freehand/stencil being messy. If you’re gonna try this don’t put the handles on the top plate before you paint the cross.

  26. Thought this was mine! Lol. My girlfriend posts our dog here (they’re pretty similar looking) and we have that same Walmart red comforter lol.

  27. I commend your attempt at freehand. But, the Red Cross is not straight. I would recommend coating it black again and then using a stencil to apply the cross

  28. Yeah it unfortunately didn’t turn out super well. I’m gonna give her a try tomorrow again. The handles make any sort of stencil very hard to use

  29. No one said everything had to be in line. The cross has most likely been worn off during combat hundreds of time and the surfs repaint it

  30. True that! I just had some issues with paint thickness in a few spots so I’m mostly gonna focus on making it not too thick and if it isn’t in line it isn’t in line! Thanks for the encouragement!

  31. Looks like we paint the same armies. Death to the false emperor… I mean for the eternal crusade brother!

  32. Bro what? Did you work like 3 jobs? That only leaves you 48 hours of resting/non-work time a week.

  33. Haha I sympathize with this dude I was on a hotshot crew for a number of years and we did 120 hour weeks alll summer long.

  34. I thought my grandma was dead in the bed when I walked in the room. My face clearly said it because my mom looked at me and said ,” she isn’t dead”

  35. I’m sorry dude. That’s horrible. I always took comfort in knowing by the time they hit hospice they are essentially unconscious and can’t feel pain.

  36. Thin your paints a bit and also don’t worry so much about edge highlighting at first. In my experience try just highlighting raised edges like the tabard and the belt. Use some washes to blend a little better and watch a tutorial on drybrushing. Also, maybe try a contrast paint over the black to make it pop (like a darker blue). This is a good start. Don’t forget if you don’t like your paint job simple green and a soft bristled toothbrush will let you start over. Keep up the good work and welcome to the eternal crusade!

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